7 Drag And Drop Plugins For Building WordPress Sites

Drag-and-drop methods have gained popularity among non-technical users for arranging web layouts. This explains the success of platforms like Wix, SquareSpace, and others. Here are a few additional tools that enhance the drag-and-drop experience:

For designers and developers, the convenience of the drag-and-drop method is invaluable when building and organizing page layouts. For example, when creating a WordPress site, using the drag-and-drop method could significantly reduce development time. This post highlights 7 plugins that integrate this functionality into the WordPress editor. If you know of any other great plugins, share them in the comments.

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Page Builder by SiteOrigin

Page Builder is a plugin that lets you build responsive grids by customizing the division of each column and row. It comes with various layout modules to add content like Galleries, Images, Videos, Buttons, and even Price Boxes. New layout modules can be added via the WordPress Widget API.

Responsive grid layout example using Page Builder by SiteOrigin


PixGridder simplifies the division of your page into grids. Once you’ve created columns, you can populate them with text using the standard WordPress text editor or enhance them with shortcodes. The plugin integrates seamlessly with the WordPress text editor’s existing functions for each column.

Column layout example using PixGridder

Aqua Page Builder

Aqua Page Builder offers a flexible approach to creating customized template variations for your content. Simply drag the desired blocks into the template builder, name your template, and save it. Implement the template on your pages or posts using the shortcode generated.

Template building interface of Aqua Page Builder

WR Page Builder

WR Page Builder is versatile, allowing you to insert various layout modules such as buttons, pricing tables, progress bars, and alerts into your posts or pages. It offers extensive customization options for each module, including adjustments to colors, text, and images. Adding new modules is straightforward through the WordPress Widget API.

Various layout modules by WR Page Builder

Live Composer Lite

Live Composer Lite enables you to construct page layouts directly from the frontend of your website. After activating the plugin, navigate to the page you wish to edit and click the ‘activate editor’ button at the bottom right. You can then effortlessly drag and drop elements like text, buttons, images, and tabs from the toolbar to your page.

Frontend editing using Live Composer Lite


Minimax is a user-friendly page builder that allows users with no coding skills to customize their WordPress pages or posts. Start by defining the number of columns using the Cols button, then populate each column with elements from a variety of modules such as Images, Accordions, Tabs, and Text. Once complete, export your layout to use on your site.

Page layout customization with Minimax

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder [demo] offers front-end layout building with ease. This plugin includes 15 preset page templates ready to use right away. It provides basic modules such as headings, separators, and a text editor, along with more advanced options like contact forms, pricing tables, and slideshows.

Comprehensive layout building with Beaver Builder