The Hidden Risks of Selfies: 5 Dangerous Situations You Should Avoid

Though selfies became the word of the year in 2013, their popularity hasn’t waned. Whether you consider it a mental disorder or not, people continue to snap selfies.

However, some have taken this trend to dangerous extremes. From getting trampled by a bull to risking lives at the Tour de France, here are 5 cautionary tales that prove some selfies are not worth the risk.

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Don’t Pose with Guns

Oscar Otero Aguilar was known for his selfies with cars and women. One fateful day, he tried to take a selfie with a gun pointed at his head. Tragically, the gun fired, and Aguilar died en route to the hospital.

His friend told the police that Aguilar didn’t know the gun was loaded. The lesson here is clear: never play with guns, especially not for a selfie.

The Perils of Driving Selfies

Courtney Sanford was sober but took selfies while driving to work. Moments after posting a selfie, she was involved in a fatal collision. The incident serves as a grim reminder that taking selfies while driving is as dangerous as texting.

Fatal car crash due to selfie

Electrifying Risks

An unnamed 21-year-old climbed a parked train for a selfie and was electrocuted. The lesson: always assume electrical wires are live and stay away from them.

Electrocution risk on train tracks

Be Cautious on High Places

Teenager Xenia Ignatyeva took a selfie on a railway bridge and was electrocuted when she fell and grabbed high-voltage cables. The takeaway: avoid taking selfies in high-risk areas, especially at night.

Dangerous selfie on a railway bridge

Respect Safety Barriers

A Polish couple ignored safety barriers for a cliffside selfie in Portugal and tragically fell. Safety barriers are there for a reason; respect them to stay safe.

Cliffside danger due to ignoring safety barriers

Final Thoughts

In summary, avoid taking selfies in dangerous situations, no matter how tempting the backdrop. Here’s a video of a man who was kicked by a train conductor for taking a risky selfie. Always think before you snap that selfie – it could save your life.

Man kicked by train conductor for risky selfie

Think before you selfie. Your life may depend on it.