20 Creative Ideas to Make Use of Spaces Under Staircase

Fans of the Harry Potter saga would know that he slept in a room under the stairs, a place where normal folks use as closet space. As these 20 examples will show you, there is more than one way to use the space under the stairs, and while they are not to house a teen wizard, that space, no matter how little, can be put to more practical use.

You can reinvent it as a place for reading, storage, work or a quiet nap (with an excellent view). There are surely more great ways to save space in the home and if you know more of these inspiring ideas, let us know.

Home Design: 20 Creative Ways to Maximize Living Space

Home Design: 20 Creative Ways to Maximize Living Space

We'd all like to have a place to call our own, a spot in the world where we... Read more

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Have no room to keep your bicycles outside? Just hang them up under the staircase.

under-staris decorations
Farmhouse Restoration

That’s a nice place to chill out and read a book or two.

Source: Laurey W. Glenn.

under-staris decorations
Open Plan Living Space

Fancy a mini library? Just place a chair there and you have your own reading corner.

Source: Kia Sunda.

under-staris decorations
700 Palms Residence

You can also put together a nice shelf for exotic things you get from your travels.

Source: Ehrlich Architects.

under-staris decorations
Copake Lake House

Here’s one that has been turned into a small kitchen with a sink and shelves for tableware.

Source: Thom Filicia.

under-staris decorations
Twin Peaks

Here’s another reading corner with a touch of motherly love. It also looks like a great spot to unwind (and for mom to hide from the kids).

Source: John K. Anderson Design.

under-staris decorations
Kirkland Residence

Add a window, a sofa and you have the perfect place to nap under the warmth of the sun.

Source: Rhodes Architecture + Light.

under-staris decorations

Aside from storing books, you can also use the space under the stairs to store wine bottles.

Source: Randal Kurt Photography.

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Grant Park Interior Renovation

You can always choose to turn it into a study room or play room for the kids. At least the toys and lego bricks stay in there!

Source: Renewal Design-Build.

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Manhattan Micro Loft

Put a few drawers in and you have places to store your umbrella, golf clubs, shoes, bags etc.

Source: Specht Harpman Architects.

under-staris decorations
Home Desk

So long as nothing falls through the cracks between the steps, this home office idea is pretty cool.

Source: Hus & Hem.

under-staris decorations
Staircase with Bookshelves

One more home library under the stairs idea, this time with a comfortable reading spot near the window sill.

Source: Hand Werk.

under-staris decorations
Fridhemsgatan Loft

The space under the stairs in some homes can be big enough to house not only a library but a whole living room. Perspective FTW.

Source: Fantastic Frank.

under-staris decorations
Beach Cottage

Need a spot to put the TV?

Source: Juliana Lahoz.

under-staris decorations
Waukesha Lower Level

For the bulk of the area, working sink; for the smaller wedges, wine!

Source: Brillo Home Improvements.

under-staris decorations
West Loop Aerie

I’m not sure which came first, the storage spaces or the staircases.

Source: Scrafano Architects.

under-staris decorations
West Village Brownstone

At the first glance this understairs niche seems to be a wall, but in fact it’s a hidden storage. Love the detail they put on the doors to suit the staircase design.

Source: Billinkoff Architecture PLLC.

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Annie Street House

This small office nook looks pretty cool and cozy to work, and get some quiet time to yourself.

Source: Tom Hurt.

under-staris decorations
Sugar Bowl Residence

A warm spot to marvel at the scenery (and snow) outside.

Source: John Maniscalco Architecture.

under-staris decorations
Harris Powder Roomdwell

Why waste the space when you can turn it into a powder room?

Source: Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects.

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