60 Creative Public Awareness Ads That Make You Think

Life is More Thrilling Than Drugs

There is more to life than drug-induced ecstacy. You deserve to experience them, drug-free.

life is more thrilling than drugs
Liked Helping Terceira Island

The evolution of the thumbs up.

liked helping terceira island
Many of Them Disappear Every Minute

15 square kilometer of rainforest disappears every minute.

many of them disappear every minute
Missing Children

The visuals are eye-catching but it was the words to the right of the tree that did it for me. If they are stil searching, there is always hope.

missing children: tree
Nobody’s Immune To Breast Cancer

When it comes to preventing breast cancer, even heroes need regular checkups.

nobody's immune to breast cancer
Not What You Seem To Be

Is it just me that this guy looks like the T-Bag from Prison Break? Nevertheless a great piece for fraud awareness!

not what you seem to be
Nutrition Fact: 0 Gram

“The only thing he should lack is hunger.”

nutrition fact: 0 gram
Oceans Aren’t The Only One In Danger

Karma remembers everything.

oceans aren't the only one in danger
Organ Donor Saves

Nothing is greater than saving the people’s life and giving them hope. Feel the gratitude on the woman’s face.

Our Water Is Thirsty

Took a creative twist to achieved the message, but I will say that this a unique advertisement!

our water is thirsty
Preserve Your World

The environment is ‘crying’ out for help and all we do is keep hurting it.

preserve your world
Rebuild The Children

Realigning our priorities with this eye-opening advertisement; even if buildings fall, we should always be there to help rebuild the children.

rebuild the children
Respect The Planet

Of course we won’t ever think of vandalize such a beautiful creature, would we?

respect the planet
See You On The Road

Simple and straightforward idea, it works for me.

see you on the road
Seek Help

Schizophrenia can actually be treated; look out for the signs (or the people) and seek help.

seek help
Spending Christmas On The Streets

That’s no Christmas gift. We can do better for them kids in the Phillipines, can’t we, people?

spending christmas on the streets
Stop The Abuse

This is what animal looks like in those abusers’ eyes. This ad is bound to break a dog-lover’s heart.

stop the abuse
The Earth Is Heating Up

Amusing or not, this advertisement drags a lot of attention!

the earth is heating up

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