What If Famous Brands Make Unexpected Products

Famous brands are recognized for their flagship products, but would their brand shine on other products? Like if Crocs actually developed an umbrella. Would it be legit?

I guess not. Realizing how fun and crazy the idea could be, Ilya Kalimulin and other designers used their skills and creativity to photoshop 12 unexpected, somehow ironic products from well-known brands, and they’re showcased in this post. Have fun and let us know which one made you smile!

Lipton Cigarettes. The cigarettes smells like tea, and actually tastes healthy! (If only it were true.) (Image Source: Ilya Kalimulin)

lipton cigarette

M&M’s Bullets. Already a threat to your blood sugar level, M&M’s just got more dangerous. (Image Source: Ilya Kalimulin)

m&m's bullet

Tic Tac Bomb. It will always blow your mind. (Image Source: Ilya Kalimulin)

tic tac bomb

McDonald’s MacBook. Oops, looks like an ultrabook from McDonald’s! On a side note, you can actually rebrand your MacBook with these skins and decals! (Image Source: AdMe)

mcdonald's macbook

Google Goooooo. What if in a parallel world, Google is not a world-changing company, but a ring game maker?

(Image Source: Ilya Kalimulin)

google goooooo

Kaspersky Insect Killer. Kaspersky can help you eliminated not only virtual bugs, but real-life insects too. Comes with 1 free refill. (Image Source: AdMe)

kaspersky insect killer

Adobe Skincare Master Collection. The latest feature of this Adobe Master Collection is that instead of just a digital facelift, you now get real-life, permanent skincare. (Image Source: AdMe)

adobe skincare master collection

Chanel Soap. The design might be a little out but hey, at least it cleans! (Image Source: Ilya Kalimulin)

chanel soap

Crocs Umbrella. Worst idea ever or revolutionary reinvention of the idea of the umbrella? (Image Source: AdMe)

crocs umbrella

Heineken Fire Extinguisher. Heineken is dedicated to "putting out" your sorrows and sadness. (Image Source: AdMe)

heineken fire extinguisher

IKEA Piano. Yes, you will need to assemble this piano yourself. (Image Source: Ilya Kalimulin)

ikea piano

Marshall Fridge. And behold, the Marshall fridge for cold drinks after a jamming session! Actually this fridge is a real product, except that it’s not an amplifier, but who’s complaining? (Image Source: insidemarshall)

marshall fridge

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