ColorHexa is Your Ultimate Color Encyclopedia

Color is one of the most important features of any interface. Picking a great color scheme is tough but as you work with colors more you’ll pick up some best practices.

The ColorHexa web app has to be the most useful tool for color choice. It’s not a scheme generator or a color picker, but rather a massive informational resource on color made for both designers & developers.

ColorHexa web app

You start by entering any color format into the search box. This could be a hex value, RGB, CMYK, HSL or even the name of a color. Pretty much every format is supported.

When you start typing, the search field auto-populates with suggestions. This is one of the coolest features I’ve seen in a color app and definitely helps ColorHexa stand out from the crowd.

On the color information page, you’ll find live demos of the color, matching color schemes, and even some color alternatives you might try.

There’s also a huge conversion area with the raw codes for converting your color into other formats. Many of these formats I’ve never even heard of and had to Google them to learn more.

I mentioned how this isn’t a color scheme app but you will find a few scheme suggestions on each color info page. These aren’t the best choices you could pick but they offer a nice starting point.

The true beauty of ColorHexa is that each designer will use the tool for different reasons. Picking colors for a website feels much different than converting a CMYK color into a digital format.

You might also dig into the sections covering various shades, tints, or the color blindness tool showing how the color might look for users with vision impairments.

Examples ColorHexa codes

I cannot remember the last time I found a color app with this many features. ColorHexa is by far one of the best resources for learning more about colors and how to match them.

Visit the homepage and give it a try! Or, you can dig into their related tools & resource pages on topics such as web-safe colors and color gradients.