Best Cloud Hosting & CDN Services for Web Developers (Updated)

Optimize your web development projects with top cloud hosting and CDN providers.

Cloud computing has changed the way we handle and reach our data, making it possible to create huge virtual server farms that stretch across the world. These servers make it easy to get online and download files directly. Thanks to this cloud-based setup, we can now send files more quickly and efficiently than we could with old-fashioned physical servers.

Using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a big help for web developers. It lets them keep static files on servers all over the world. When someone requests data, it’s sent to them from a server that’s close by, so it loads much faster. Also, files can be kept in the cloud, making it easy to share them with coworkers or partners. This cloud-based server solution has made getting to files simpler than ever.

In this piece, we’ll explore some of the best CDN and cloud sharing tools out there today. Whether you’re a small business or a freelancer, you can get a lot out of keeping local backups of your files and storing extra copies in the cloud when needed. This way, you can work from any computer and get to data that might otherwise be out of reach. It’s a flexible approach that opens up new possibilities.

Provider Key Features Special Features Type
Cloudflare Security and Performance Argo Smart Routing, Load Balancing, Serverless code deployment with Cloudflare Workers Comprehensive Suite
jsDelivr On-demand loading Free public CDN for npm or GitHub projects, On-demand minification of JS/CSS files Free Public CDN
StackPath High-speed data transfer, Scalability Edge-aware, API-first design, Virtual machines, Containers, Serverless scripting High-Speed CDN
Sucuri Website security Malware scanning and removal, Website Application Firewall (WAF), CDN for performance Security Platform
KeyCDN High-performance CDN Optimized hardware, HTTP/2, Brotli, Real-time image transformation and optimization Performance CDN

1. Cloudflare


Cloudflare is a well-known Content Delivery Network (CDN) provider, offering a variety of services to enhance the speed, safety, and dependability of websites. It’s a name trusted by numerous global brands and has earned a reputation as a top player in the CDN field, according to IDC MarketScape.

For those who develop websites, Cloudflare has a lot to offer. Here’s a look at some of its key features:

  1. Argo Smart Routing: This service is all about delivering content to users in the fastest, most reliable way possible. By finding the best paths across Cloudflare’s network and using smart routing and tiered caching, Argo can make a website run more smoothly and quickly.

  2. Load Balancing: If a website gets a lot of traffic or needs to be available all the time, Cloudflare’s Load Balancing is a lifesaver. It balances the traffic load both locally and globally, checks the health of servers, and ensures that everything keeps running even if something goes wrong. It’s like having a traffic cop for your website, keeping everything moving smoothly.

  3. Rate Limiting for Security: Cloudflare’s Rate Limiting feature is like a security guard for a website. It helps fend off harmful attacks like denial-of-service and brute-force password attempts, keeping the site safe and performing well.

  4. Cloudflare Workers: This feature lets developers write and deploy code right at the edge of Cloudflare’s network, closer to the users. It supports languages like JavaScript, Rust, C, and C++, and can reduce delays in processing, making the website even faster.

  5. Additional Tools and Services: Cloudflare doesn’t stop there. They offer a wide array of other tools, such as Advanced Certificate Manager, Access, Image Resizing, Additional Page Rules, Cloudflare Apps, Cloudflare Registrar, Video Streaming, Automatic Platform Optimization, Cloudflare Images, and Cache Reserve.

In simple terms, Cloudflare is like a Swiss Army knife for web developers, providing a range of tools to make websites faster, safer, and more reliable. Whether it’s speeding up content delivery, balancing heavy traffic, or protecting against threats, Cloudflare has a solution.

Cloudflare’s Price:

Cloudflare provides a variety of services, including a free plan with several features. If you need more functionality, you can opt for paid add-ons, available across free, pro, and business plans, with prices starting at just $5 a month.

These extra features encompass a wide array of tools such as Smart Routing, Load Balancing, Image Resizing, Video Streaming, and more.

2. jsDelivr


jsDelivr is a free and public Content Delivery Network (CDN) that specializes in distributing JavaScript and ESM (ECMAScript Modules) from sources like npm and GitHub. Since its inception in 2012, it has become a trusted option for web developers, handling billions of requests every month.

One standout feature of jsDelivr is its flexibility in loading any project hosted on npm. Developers have the freedom to specify the package, version, and file in the URL, and jsDelivr takes care of the delivery. This includes support for various version ranges, and even the option to leave out the version to automatically receive the latest one. Though convenient, it’s wise not to use this version-omitting feature in a live production environment to prevent unforeseen updates.

In cases where a minified version of a JS/CSS file is not available, jsDelivr can create one on the spot. This helps in shrinking the file size and boosting the website’s loading speed.

Beyond these capabilities, jsDelivr offers an array of tools designed with developers in mind. From usage statistics to on-the-fly file combination, source map support, version aliasing, and integration with multiple IDEs, these tools empower developers to fine-tune their websites and understand how their projects are utilized.

jsDelivr also extends a free API that developers can use to access information about npm packages, such as versions, tags, and files. This API not only suggests the right entry point for each file type but also provides in-depth download and usage statistics for each project, version, and file.

A distinctive aspect of jsDelivr is its embrace of modern JavaScript modules. It’s equipped to load contemporary JavaScript packages as needed, and it’s compatible with the latest web browsers, Node.js, and Deno. This feature encompasses a global multi-CDN network, HTTP/3 support, minification, Brotli compression, carefully managed HTTP caching, dependency preloading, and shared permanent storage across all edge servers.

jsDelivr’s Price:

jsDelivr is a service that’s available at no cost and is utilized by millions of websites all over the world. Its operation is made possible through the backing of its primary sponsors.

3. StackPath


StackPath is a cutting-edge cloud computing service that aims to bring the cloud closer to where data is created and used. Unlike traditional platforms that are located on the outskirts of major cities, StackPath operates right within the heart of major markets across the globe. This innovative strategy enables internet-based applications and small, specialized services (microservices) to operate closer to users and devices. The result? Quicker data transfer and broader distribution.

One of the standout features of StackPath is its incredible speed. Data can travel to their virtual environments and storage containers up to three times faster than with other major cloud providers. Even over their private network, data moves 21% quicker than it does over the regular internet. This boost in speed can make websites or applications run much more smoothly.

When it comes to adjusting to your needs, StackPath shines with its scalability. It offers a diverse array of sizes and capacities in strategic locations around the world. This means that your workloads can easily grow or shrink, move inward or outward, depending on your demands. It’s a system that’s built for both flexibility and efficiency.

But StackPath isn’t just about speed and scalability; it’s also designed with developers in mind. The platform adopts an approach that’s conscious of the edge of the network, prioritizes APIs, and minimizes unnecessary complexity. This empowers developers to have direct influence over their solutions, manage costs effectively, and achieve desired results. Plus, StackPath comes packed with a variety of features, such as virtual machines, containers, Content Delivery Network (CDN), Web Application Firewall (WAF), serverless scripting, origin shield, EdgeRules™, EdgeSSL™, and tools for optimizing images. It’s a comprehensive, user-friendly platform that’s ready to meet the demands of the modern internet landscape.

StackPath’s Price:

StackPath offers three main pricing plans for their Content Delivery Network (CDN) services:

  1. Starter Plan: Priced at $10 to $15 per month, this plan provides access to all basic features of the StackPath CDN, including unlimited bandwidth and data storage.

  2. Professional Plan: For $50 per month, you can upgrade to this plan, which includes everything in the Starter Plan plus some extra perks like:

    • Using a custom domain name with your website
    • Advanced security features
    • Priority customer support
  3. Enterprise Plan: At $500 per month, this top-tier plan offers everything in the Professional Plan, along with:

    • A dedicated account manager
    • 24/7 customer support
    • A 99.99% uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA)

4. Sucuri


Sucuri is a versatile cloud-based service that offers a wide array of security solutions for websites. It’s like a virtual security guard for your website, working to keep it safe from various online threats. Whether you have a custom site or use a common platform, Sucuri is designed to fit your needs.

One standout feature of Sucuri is its ability to quickly remove malware and fix hacked websites. Imagine your website being compromised; Sucuri’s skilled security team can jump in, clean up the mess, and get your site back to normal. This malware and hack removal service is a standard part of all their security plans.

But Sucuri doesn’t just fix problems; it helps prevent them too. With its powerful malware scanner, it can find potential security risks before they become real problems. This is part of a comprehensive security package that includes regular checks, detailed reports after cleanups, monitoring for any blacklisting, and even keeping an eye on your SSL support.

Sucuri also adds an extra layer of protection with its Website Application Firewall (WAF). Think of this as a virtual shield that helps keep hacks and attacks at bay. It’s included in all of Sucuri’s plans, so every user benefits from this added safety net.

And it’s not just about security; Sucuri also helps make your website faster. By offering a Content Delivery Network (CDN), it can boost your site’s speed by an average of 60%. This means a smoother and more enjoyable experience for your visitors. Whether you’re looking to protect, repair, or enhance your website, Sucuri has a solution tailored for you.

Sucuri’s Price:

Sucuri provides various security plans to suit different requirements. The basic plan costs $199.99 annually, while the pro version is $299.99 per year. For those needing more advanced options, there’s a business plan at $499.99 per year. All these plans come with features like malware removal, security scans, and a website application firewall. If you only need a firewall, Sucuri has a plan for that too, starting at $9.99 monthly. Keep in mind, all plans related to hack and malware protection are committed to a minimum of 12 months.

5. KeyCDN


KeyCDN is a top-notch content delivery network, created with an emphasis on quickness and user-friendliness. It’s a global service, distributing content across six continents, and is engineered to provide users with rapid access to content. With over 40,000 customers, KeyCDN ensures that content reaches millions of users efficiently.

What sets KeyCDN apart is its carefully designed hardware. Every edge server is equipped with a sophisticated TCP stack and complete SSD coverage, ensuring that the content is delivered not only swiftly but also dependably.

Moreover, KeyCDN offers a suite of robust features accessible to all users, no matter the account size. These advanced technologies, such as HTTP/2, Brotli, and TLS 1.3, enhance both the speed and security of a website.

When it comes to user experience, KeyCDN shines with its simplicity. It’s crafted to be effortlessly integrated with various CMS, frameworks, or custom applications. Plus, there’s a free 14-day trial, so users can test the service without any financial commitment.

One special aspect of KeyCDN is its real-time image optimization feature. It’s capable of altering and enhancing images on the fly, adjusting dimensions and employing next-generation formats. This not only ensures that images fit perfectly but also boosts their performance by minimizing their size. It’s a thoughtful touch that adds to KeyCDN’s appeal as a comprehensive and user-friendly service.

KeyCDN’s Price:

KeyCDN provides its services based on a pay-as-you-go system, where the cost depends on how much data you transfer and where it’s being sent. Here’s a breakdown of how it works:

  • In North America and Europe, the cost starts at $0.04 per GB for the first 10 terabytes (TB) each month, and it gets cheaper the more you use.
  • In Asia and Oceania, it’s a bit more expensive, starting at $0.08 per GB.
  • For Africa and Latin America, the starting price is $0.10 per GB.

What’s great is that there are no extra charges for individual requests, and you can make unlimited HTTP and HTTPS requests. The only thing to keep in mind is that there’s a minimum monthly charge of $4, and you’ll need to make an initial payment of $49.

If you’re planning to use more than 100 TB per month, you can reach out to KeyCDN for special pricing. And while they don’t have a free plan, they do offer a 14-day free trial to test out their services.


Provider Free Plan Basic Plan Professional Plan Enterprise Plan Special Features Notes
Cloudflare Yes $5/month Smart Routing, Load Balancing, Image Resizing, Video Streaming, etc. Paid add-ons available across free, pro, and business plans
jsDelivr Yes Free, backed by primary sponsors
StackPath No $10-$15/month (Starter Plan) $50/month $500/month Custom domain, advanced security, priority support, dedicated account manager, 24/7 support, 99.99% uptime SLA Unlimited bandwidth and data storage
Sucuri No $199.99/year (Basic), $9.99/month (Firewall only) $299.99/year (Pro) $499.99/year (Business) Malware removal, security scans, website application firewall Minimum 12-month commitment for hack and malware protection plans
KeyCDN 14-day free trial $0.04-$0.10 per GB Unlimited HTTP and HTTPS requests Pay-as-you-go, minimum monthly charge of $4, initial payment of $49, special pricing for over 100 TB/month