Showcase of Beautiful Search Box UI Designs

Search boxes are crucial for helping users find what they’re looking for on a website. They’re especially important for content-rich websites. You’ll usually find them in the header, top navigation menu, or sidebar. Some websites even include an extra search box in the footer for added convenience.

Web search has evolved over time. It’s not just about typing a keyword and hitting ‘search’ anymore. Developers are constantly improving search features, like filters and auto-suggestions, to make the user experience better.

In this article, we’ll showcase some innovative search box designs that offer great features. Whether you’re planning to redesign your website’s search box or just looking for inspiration, this post has got you covered. Read on to discover more!


This search feature starts with the phrase “I am” and intelligently lists results that match your query as you type.

PlaylistNow Search Box
Scroll Search Module

Designed by Nico Nuzzaci, this unique search box lets you find what you’re looking for either by typing or scrolling through an alphabetical panel.

Scroll Search Module

This search feature combines several functions. It formats your search queries as tags, allows you to remove specific tags, and even offers auto-complete suggestions. It’s similar to Facebook’s tagging system.

TextboxList Search Box
Remember The Milk

Like YouTube’s search feature, this search box provides instant auto-suggestions as you type.

Remember The Milk Search Box
Authentic Jobs

Authentic Jobs had an instant search feature even before Google introduced theirs.

Authentic Jobs Search Box

Kontain offers a search box that lets you either search broadly or narrow down your results to specific categories like “updates” or “users.”

Kontain search box design
New York Magazine

Just like Kontain, New York Magazine’s search box also allows for more targeted searches.

New York Magazine search box design

ThemeForest’s search feature helps users find exactly what they’re looking for in no time.

ThemeForest search box design
Search, Sort & Filter

Brian’s search box is an advanced module that’s not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. You can customize your search results before hitting the search button.

Search, Sort & Filter search box design

Tumblr features a small and unobtrusive search box on the sidebar, which is quite neat.

Tumblr search box design

If you need a comprehensive search feature but are limited by space, MenuPages offers a compact yet effective solution.

MenuPages search box design

The search box is prominently located right next to the logo, making it easy to find.

Quotezuki search box design
C Spire Wireless

The search box appears only when you hover over the search tab, a clever way to save space.

C Spire Wireless search box design

Offers refined searching with elegant filtering options.

Spokeo search box design

Given its business model, placing the search box front and center is a smart move.

VoucherCodes search box design

With a vast array of resources, a search box with filtering options is crucial.

iStockPhoto search box design

A simple yet effective search box design.

TasteBook search box design

The homepage features just a search box, perfect for finding and sharing music online.

Grooveshark search box design
Gamers with Jobs

An excellent example of a customized Google Custom Search box.

Gamers with Jobs search box design
David Torondel

A sleek dark-themed search box that complements the website’s design.

David Torondel search box design

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