40 Cool Cosplay Costumes Design, Vol. 1

Cosplay originated from Asia, specifically Japan, but has gained popularity in the West over the past decade due to the rise of RPGs in the entertainment industry.

Social media has played a significant role in the growth of cosplay, with fans not just dressing up as characters, but embodying them through their actions and poses. Professional cosplayers use their photography skills and Photoshop to bring their favorite characters to life.

In this article, we highlight 40 enthusiastic and talented cosplayers who will inspire you to become a cosplay fan.

300 – Spartan

I will never realize that this is actually cosplayed if nobody told me so. Even then, I believe it is probably the highest level of cosplay.

(Image Source: MrSeanRogers)

300 - spartan
Assassin Creed – Ezio Auditore da Firenze

Every move of this professional cosplayer is destined to be kickass!

(Image Source: Forcebewitya)

assassin creed - ezio
Atlantica Online – Oracle

The costume is perfect, but the vibrant lighting is what impressed me! It feels a bit like Diablo III’s in-game lighting effect.

(Image Source: hellsign)

atlantica online - oracle
Batman The Dark Knight – Joker

Why so serious? You’re so serious that your cosplay looks exactly like the real deal! That’s what we called ‘bloody genius’.

(Image Source: Lucius-Ferguson)

batman the dark knight - joker

Though Bayonetta possesses a more playful personality, the portrayed emotion fits perfectly in this cosplay. And full marks for the clothing.

(Image Source: yuegene)

Bayonetta – Rodin

He’s coming, and there’s nowhere you can run. This cosplay is the definition of the term “bad-ass”.

(Image Source: EnvisageU)

bayonetta - rodin
Bioshock – Big Daddy

I know, this looks like a screenshot from the game. Then, I suggest you check this out: the behind-the-scene production post.

(Image Source: Volpin)

bioshock - big daddy

Though Bleach’s character could be easily cosplayed, not many cosplay photographers have achieved the cool atmospheric effect like this.

(Image Source: abbottw)

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Now, this is what I call 3D gameplay. Oh wait, this is cosplay. Not only did they recreate the character, they also recreated the scene!

(Image Source: SupraMK86)

call of duty: modern warfare 2
Diablo III – Demon Hunter

Seriously guys, why is there no Diablo movie in production? We’ve got the suit and the model prepared!

(Image Source: Spiral Cats)

diablo iii - demon hunter
Diablo III – Demon Hunter

This is even more epic than any movie poster. The cosplay industry has evidently evolved into something more than just a hobby.

(Image Source: Spiral Cats)

diablo iii - demon hunter
Diablo III – Mistress of Pain

Spoiler alert!

My heart is full of pain because this is actually a spoiler (I haven’t met this boss in the game!). But hey, this cosplay is painstakingly awesome.

(Image Source: Michele Albrigo)

diablo iii - mistress of pain
Devil May Cry – Lady

The perspective is kickass, ’nuff said.

(Image Source: EnvisageU)

devil may cry - lady
Final Fantasy Dissidia – Garland

I could not believe my eyes that someone could ever cosplay the Garland and actually replicate the complexity of his armor, but I forgot that the cosplay world has endless possibilities.

(Image Source: hellsign)

final fantasy dissidia - garland
Final Fantasy VII – Aerith

A memorable scene in Final Fantasy VII, rebuilt perfectly with a top-notch cosplayer and photographer. If there’s something for me to complain about this cosplay, I will say it is too perfect.

(Image Source: Arwenphoto)

final fantasy vii - aerith
Final Fantasy VII AC – Cloud

This is probably the most realistic portrait of Cloud I’ve ever seen within the sea of cosplay photos.

(Image Source: Hexlord)

final fantasy viii ac - cloud
Final Fantasy VII – Vincent

Giulia did a really good job portraying the Vincent Valentine. You could even sense the original character’s personality by just looking at this strongly accurate cosplay.

(Image Source: Michele Albrigo)

final fantasy vii - vincent
Final Fantasy VIII – Edea

Final boss of Final Fantasy VIII, who always comes and leaves mysteriously, as captured by this cosplayer. The portrayed emotion of the cosplayer is deadly vital to the cosplay’s success.

(Image Source: TotallyToasty)

final fantasy viii - edea
Final Fantasy XIII – Lightning

Not sure about the eyes, but the details of the suit and the equipments freaked me, a FFXIII fan, out!

(Image Source: Yuuri-C)

final fantasy xiii - lightning
Gears of War 3 – Anya

“Meagan’s Anya Stroud cosplay took her six months to make. Long used her photos and the contest assets to create this gritty scene.”

(Image Source: VirtualGirl6654)

gears of war 3 - anya

I Love the detail on the armor, it looks like it has been through several fights with aliens before!

(Image Source: Hexlord)

Halo – Spartan Sniper

Another decent version of the Halo suit, the colors look nice!

(Image Source: paradoxdj)

halo - spartan sniper
Iron Man

A detailed and accurate Iron Man suit with a load of effort involved! Kudos to the suit maker Masterle247.

(Image Source: Masterle247)

iron man
Mass Effect – Garrus

The costume looks so real that this creation should not exist in mere mortal’s world. It’s photoshopped a bit, but the armor is completely hand-crafted!

(Image Source: ammnra)

mass effect - garrus
Mass Effect – Mass O’Lights

That’s why I love cosplay, you got the chance to wear the coolest suit in the universe!

(Image Source: ammnra)

mass effect - mass o'lights
Metroid – Samus Aran

How do you make an old school hero look insanely cool even after 25 years? It’s all about the skills.

(Image Source: Tifa_Lockhart_X)

metroid - samus aran
Monster Hunter: Giant Bone Sword

Finally a monstrous weapon that could slay an entire dragon! Again, a salute to the photographer, brucer007, for his wicked sense of perspective.

(Image Source: brucer007)

monster hunter: giant bone sword
Mortal Kombat – The Demon Within

Fiery cosplay, photography and Photoshop skills; you wouldn’t want to deal with them if they were real.

(Image Source: EnvisageU)

mortal kombat - the demon within
Pokémon – Rocket Team

My mom lied to me, she said Pokémon was just a game! Now I have proof!

(Image Source: Ryoko-demon)

pokemon - rocket team
Resident Evil 3 – Jill Valentine

“This is my last chance to escape… but before that, I need to take a photo.” Enough joking, a realistic shot!

(Image Source: Tifa_Lockhart_X)

resident evil 3 - jill valentine
Spartacus: Blood and Sand

“I’ve started photographing cosplayers, it’s a perfect mixture of performance and portrait photography, where you can both experiment new ideas and concepts, and refine your technique in many ways.”

(Image Source: Michele Albrigo)

spartacus: blood and sand
StarCraft II – Terran Marine.

“You want a piece of me, boy?” Gorgeous piece, baby!

(Image Source: Atelier Fantastic Art)

starcraft ii - terran marine
StarCraft II – Tychus Findlay

Not really a cosplay, but a Photoshop masterpiece. And yes, his Photoshop skill is beyond awesome.

(Image Source: Ziyan Zhang)

starcraft ii - tychus findlay
Star Ocean – Reimi

Fantastic shot of a fantastic cosplayer cosplaying a fantasy game character.

(Image Source: Arwenphoto)

star ocean: reimi
Street Fighter II – Dhalsim

I thought he was just a fictional character in the game, this photo can convince me otherwise.

(Image Source: brucer007)

street fighter ii - dhalsim
Team Fortress 2 – Soldier

Meet the soldier from the Team Fortress! It may look simple, compared to what you have seen so far, but you will only know how cool this cosplay is by looking at the precise similarities it shares with the real one in the game.

(Image Source: The Cauldron of Doom)

team fortress 2 - soldier
The Knight of Shadow – Skullman

Excellent is the only word that could be used to describe this cosplay.

(Image Source: CIN “NEWTYPE” Art.O.Graphy)

the knight of shadow - skullman
V for Vendetta

This looks as realistic as the movie character! That’s the professional spirit of cosplay.

(Image Source: KinslayeR)

v for vendetta
Vocaloid – Hatsune Miku

Not only is the cosplayer gorgeous, this work also essentially proves that westerners can do very cute cosplay too!

(Image Source: Kirana)

vocaloid - hatsune miku


Having witnessed so many cosplays throughout these years, I always think about a famous question: what makes a good cosplay?

Many people agree that the cosplayer and costume are certainly vital to the cosplay’s success, while some believe that the cosplay photographer could either make or break the cosplay. What do you think is the most important aspect of a successful cosplay? Have you ever cosplayed before? Or do you know of other cool cosplay works elsewhere in the web?

Be proud to showcase the photos, or maybe share your precious cosplay experience in your comments. We are prepared to be impressed!