How to Open Websites Automatically with Automator

In this post, I’m going to show you how to open any website (or websites in bulk) automatically at any given time using Mac’s Automator.

Once this is set up, your Mac’s default browser will be launched automatically at the date and time given, and it will open the websites you desire. You can also repeat this on any given date or weekly.

The tools involved in getting this to work include:

  • Automator app
  • Calendar app
  • Your default browser
  1. Launch Automator. Double-click Calendar Alarm.
  2. calendar alarm

  3. On the sidebar, Choose Internet, then double-click Get Specified URLs.
  4. get specific urls

  5. Under the Address section, click the Add button to add all URLs of websites you want to be loaded. In this case, we will load and
  6. After adding the websites, double-click Display Web Pages, so it gets added to the right panel.
  7. display web pages

  8. Click the Run button on the top right to make sure the automation works.
  9. If everything seems ok, go to File > Save, then give the automation a name. We will call it Open websites. Click Save.
  10. save automation

  11. The Calendar app will then be loaded with the Open websites event added on today’s date.
  12. add event to cal

  13. Double-click the event, change its time to a minute later, and wait for the automation to run.
  14. one minute later

  15. If the automation runs successfully, you can then set the automation to run at any time or day you wish.
Note: The automation may not run exactly on the dot at the given time. But it will run within the given one minute nonetheless. For example, if the time set to run the animation is 05:30, the automation may start anywhere between 05:30 – 05:31.

Repeating the Automation

You can repeat the automation at any given time, day, or week you wish. Here’s how to do it.


Double-click the event in Calendar, under repeat, select the dropdown and select how frequently you want it to be repeated.

repeat automation

If you select Repeat weekly, it will run on the same day and time every week.

run weekly

Delete the Automation

You can delete the automation if you don’t want it anymore. And you should, so you are not adding unnecessary junk files to your system.

Here’s how to delete the automation file thoroughly.

  1. Delete the event from your Calendar app.
  2. delete from cal

  3. Go to Macintosh HD > Users > your_username > Library > Workflows > Applications > Calendar, and move its .app to Bin.
  4. move to bin

Alternatively, you can delete it from CleanMyMac X. Look for the app under Applications > Uninstaller.

delete via cleanmymac

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