Check Out This Huge Gallery of iOS App Animations

Each animation is saved as a looping HTML5 video so you can pick & choose which animations to watch.

You can find examples of website inspiration pretty much everywhere. Dozens of galleries curate website designs, but you rarely find mobile app galleries.

And it’s even rarer to find UI/UX animation galleries that feature mobile app animation effects. That’s where App Animations truly shines.

This free inspiration gallery curates all the best iOS app animations and organizes them in one place. Each animation is saved as a looping HTML5 video so you can pick & choose which animations to watch.

ios animation uis

I’ve scoured the web and have yet to find anything else like this. I do wish the App Animations gallery included some stuff from Android too, but this is still pretty novel.

If you’re a mobile app designer then you should know microinteractions are huge. These provide feedback to the user and let them know whenever a recognized action is performed.

UX animation is the foundation of every microinteraction. And the best way to create believable applications is to make believable animations.

If you check out the main gallery page you can browse through all kinds of styles from 3D effects to bounces, fades, flips, folds, you name it. These are all organized under the “styles” menu in the top navigation.

But you can also dig into patterns based on the type of elements you’re animating. These patterns include buttons, loading screens, navigations, pull-to-refresh features and a whole lot more.

animated app gallery

The best part of App Animations is that it curates real app interfaces. You’ll be digging into real applications and looking at real-world animations from the iOS App Store.

If someone else coded the animations you find here, then you should be able to recreate something similar.

Take a look over the App Animations gallery and see what you think. There’s plenty of inspiration to go around even for Android designers.