Best Photography Android Apps For Selfies

If you can’t stop taking selfies and own an Android device, then selfie apps can help you have fun and take newsworthy selfies just with your phone. Selfie apps offer lots of photo editing and photo enhancement features for selfie addicts, getting you the best fun selfies for sharing with your friends on social platforms.

In this post, we’re showcasing the best selfie camera apps for Android platform that assist you in adding lots of fun to your selfies.

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Candy Camera

Candy Camera is a renowned selfie app with an intuitive interface for selfie lovers. What is noteworthy about this app is the versatility it offers in taking real-time enhanced snapshots with its swipe-enabled filter options to embellish your selfies.

In addition to a swipe left or right function to change the filters, Candy Camera also provides an array of tools with beauty functions like whitening, eyeliner and stickers to ‘beautify’ the selfies the way you want. There is also a ‘silent mode‘ that can be enabled while using the app to snap photos in places where you would wish to be discreet.

Candy Camera
  • The app has numerous beauty functions like slimming, lipstick, concealer and blush
  • It has many creative filters which include SweetCandy, EveryDay, FreshFace, RainyDay and 1980, and you can even add frames to your snapshots
  • There is a cool collection of stickers and a collage mode to stitch up your selfies
  • Candy Camera does not have video capturing capability unlike few others listed here
  • Some of its editing tools come as premium features and have to be purchased through the Play Store.


Marketed as the ultimate selfie app, B612 definitely offers fantastic features that vouch for that title. Other than the usual photo filter goodies (including themes like Secret, Fairy-tale, Thursday and China), B612 goes a step further – you can also take short, selfie videos.

If you find yourself overwhelmed with its filter options, B612 can also choose a filter for you automatically. The app remembers your filter choices and makes smarter suggestions with time. Along with its streamlined interface, it’s also frequently updated with new filters.

  • The app has the tilt-shift effect which helps in simulating a shallow depth image
  • The app supports camera’s autofocus technology that helps in getting sharper images in challenging conditions like low light and high movement
  • Vignette feature can be used with filters to highlight the best aspect of your photos and darken the photo borders
  • The collage feature in the app has around a dozen options to choose from along with an option to create 3D pictures
  • The picture resolution has been observed to be a little poor with this app
  • Owing to lot of features, using B612 is difficult and there is a need for a tutorial that highlights the features of the app in a simple manner


Cymera is a very popular camera and editing app. It has beautifying functions like facelift, liquify, skin corrections and around 200+ different kinds of makeup items and natural hair styling. That’s not all, even more tools are offered as in-app purchases.

In addition to its item-suggestion function and improvements in picture resolution, Cymera is better than many – thanks to its repertoire of tools to perfect selfies or snaps. New users are greeted with helpful tutorials that help them make the best use of its features.

Cymera  Selfie and Photo Editor
  • The app possesses 7 exciting camera lens effects to choose from, for example, Divided Lenses, FishEye and Lomo
  • It has a huge collection of photo-enhancement features like anti-shake, automatic face recognition and filter packages like Nation and Ice Cream
  • It supports around 10+ languages and that include languages like Thai, Portuguese, Turkish and Vietnamese


  • Even though it consists of smartly crafted tutorials, the app can be a bit overwhelming for a newbie with its horde of features and photo effects.
  • There is no color saturation and shadow adjustment feature available.

YouCam Perfect

As the name says YouCam Perfect is the perfect selfie beauty app. It specializes in enhancing the natural beauty of a person in the photos with its efficient editing tools. After clicking a snap, it lets you choose any of the 6 beautification levels to get a beautified image instantly.

Not only is this app good for close-up selfies, but also for full-body photos. For example, Lengthen Legs feature helps you to quickly add height to your body shots while ‘Body Slim shrinks your waist to make you look thinner. Some other cool features included are filtered video selfies (4-8 second clips), face reshaper and eye enlarger tools.

YouCam Perfect Selfie Pro
  • Smile feature ensures auto-clicking of a single or group snap when you or anyone smiles
  • The app offers a multi-face detection technology, which enables you to edit every face in the group shot in one go
  • Eye Bag Remover‘ tool reduces dark circles under the eye in the snapshot
  • Beauty Circle‘, its in-app social network, crowdsources the latest trends in fashion, style and makeup to help you explore, discover and find inspiring ideas
  • The only main issue with this app is that it shows lot of ads and requires an in-app purchase to remove them


Lidow is yet another photo editor with numerous editing features and effects. The app has a stylish UI with a dark background and consists of shortcuts for clicking snaps or importing photos from your gallery for editing them – in easy and quick way.

You can use stylish layers to coat your selfies with multiple filters and effects, and can also change the aspect ratios according to your convenience. Some of the included effects are blur, color splash, mirror, etc. and filters are lomo, leak, lens flare, retro, etc.

Lidow:selfie and photo editor
  • The app comes with a color splash function which gives photos a dramatic effect by converting them to black and white with only your chosen details in color
  • It does include various cool features like no-crop or square for Instagram and easy-to-make collage and grids
  • Lidow automatically reduces the image quality and doesn’t allow saving in HD resolution
  • Users cannot choose the output format for their pictures – only JPG and PNG file formats are supported so far


Bestie is considered as one of the best selfie camera apps and was part of the "Top 10 for Google Play Store in 2015" list. Some of the features included in the app are selfie beautifier, night camera, airbrushing, camera effects and cool stickers.

The app is equipped with preset effects like Home Away, Pink Panther and Asuka that can be blended and applied to your snapshots. It also offers the flexibility to switch the front and rear cameras by touching anywhere on the screen or by just shaking the device.

Bestie Insta Beauty Camera
  • The app offers advanced airbrushing capabilities to blur or remove the background or unneeded details from a snapshot feasibly
  • It has around 8 photography lighting effects like Fringe, Stay, Meet, Shine, Shades, Belt, Fades and Speckle (for adding light to your selfies)
  • It comes with 16 styles using the Lady Effects collection created especially to beautify females’ pics, for example Mia, Olivia and Laura
  • A more common feature of adding frames to the selfie shots is missing
  • It has just few manual options and you have little control over tinkering with its features.

Sweet Selfie

Sweet Selfie is a relatively newer app to hit the market. This app comes with ‘smart auto beautify‘ feature and an option to share selfies right from the app.

Because it’s specially designed for clicking and editing selfies, features like filter effects, emoji and tag stickers are tailormade for selfie snapshots. Owing to all these, Sweet Selfie allows taking perfect selfies, just as good as its name.

Sweet Selfie  Candy New Name
  • Helps in emulating the front camera’s flash with a white frame, that highlights the snap, proving helpful on phones having front camera with no flash
  • The app features various photo effects like blur, vignette and retro effects that make your selfies look elegant and glamorous
  • It supports selfie sticks (natively) for taking selfies/photos easily
  • The user interface is not very intuitive
  • Some users have reported frequent spam notifications, which can be forcefully switched off by blocking notifications for this app using Android’s Settings

Well, these are the best options for creating selfies that get plenty of likes on your social networks. Have you tried any other selfie app too? Don’t forget to tell us using comments.

Bonus: 6 More Apps

YouCam Makeup

YouCam Makeup is a makeover and hairstyle studio app that fixes up your shots in real-time with the “Makeup Cam". "Try on" different looks and makeup, change your hair color or opt for special photo effects to glam your picture up before you click snap.

You can also share the pics with others on social networks, and its “Beauty Circle” community keeps you posted on the latest fashion trends and makeup tips.

youcam makeup
PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt packs a punch in basic and creative editing tools. You can crop, adjust perspectives and use tools for motion and curves, and on top of that create collages with built-in templates, and work with custom clipart tools.

PicsArt lets you add borders, frames, and masks to images. There is also an option to generate animated GIFs and videos in the app as well.

picsart photo studio

Retrica is popular for its retro styling options and features and hence the name. If you have pictures that would look better with an artistic touch, this app is to look for.

Photos can be previewed under more than 100 filter settings. Add a logo or use the real-time collage maker (more than 20 layouts available) to edit a string of photos together.

Mirror Image

Mirror Image lets you perform mirror and reflection actions on your photos. You can use reflection in any direction and repeat it in varying styles in the photos.

The app also lets you add photo frames, create photo grids and collages, them share them on social media easily.

There are 60 frames and 40 filters you can use and its built-in photo editor allows tuning brightness, contrast, tint, warmth, and saturation of the images.

mirror image
Slideshow Maker

Want an easy way to create a slideshow? This app lets you select photos and make a video slideshow from your photo gallery super easily.

It comes with over 100 stickers, lets you include a soundtrack in the video, add text to the slides, or filters to enhance your photos, plus sharing functionality. You can also modify your video later if you want to make changes.

slideshow maker

Boomerang is an app from Instagram, which lets you record short videos and share them with friends and family.

Tap twice on the record button to start shooting videos. You can even capture a video selfie with your front camera.

The app will generate a fun slideshow video of 10 photos (in burst) that loop back and forth. You can then share your captures easily on Instagram and Facebook.