40 Remarkable Computer Desktop Mods

Computer desktop is a very personal thing. Each of us has a personal preference how our desktop should looked like. Modding (customizing) a desktop can be as simple as changing the desktop wallpaper, or messing with the default icons. It can also go as far as tweaking the entire navigation as well as the look and feel.

Here’s a showcase of 40 Remarkable Computer Desktop Mods (modifications) that highly represent each user’s personality together with explanations on the applications, icon sets used. Full list after jump.

Got more? You know some cool desktop mods not listed here? Let us know :-)


Air Mod Blue VS is a mod of hsn’s GUI.Air Mod. WP is IntelMac Blue.

The Enigma Desktop Comes with RSS reader, Gmail Notifier, Calender, Application launder and many other interesting stuff. Windows Vista desktop refreshed with Kaelri’s Enigma. Author explain it is done.

Winter Desk Exellent Windows Vista mod using WindowsBlind’s Abcisse Vista created by amaeli.

Windows Strata Author prefers to call this Windows Strata. The idea is that this new OS will bridge the gap between the Internet and your desktop. A completely redesigned OS tailored to fit your Internet surfing needs.

When Quicksilver meets Aero Windows XP with a great silver theme look and feel.

VistaKernel v3 Enigma HUD. Edition Yet another great desktop mod with Enigma 1.1

The Orange Monarch

synergy Cool desktop with great mixture of black, blue and silver.

SS 20.11.2006

Royale Vista II desktop mod Windows Vista modded with Royale Vista II by dobee.

October Work Desktop The idea behind this setup is pretty brilliant. A month calendar as wallpaper with enough space to place folders, particularly to-do stuff in it.



Royal Mod Theme Something similar to the default Windows XP theme, but a more enhanced version utilizing Royal Inspirat Mod, Object Dock and Desktop X.

My DT Main Display 2007 10 A desktop strip down to the very minimal with only text display. Result – very clean.

My Desktop March 2008 Vista One moment there, we thought it’s a real Mac desktop. Particularly love how the CD Art display is sticked on the desktop wall.

MironV My Desktop Nicely modded Window Vista desktop.

March desktop

Lightning Sunset Mouse over at Flickr to see how everything is put together.

Laptop Desktop Absolute minimal desktop.

July 28th 2008 A Windows Vista desktop with its icons blending well into the wallpaper.

Interior desktop Computer desktop modded by an interior designer with icons and every elements perfectly blended in each and every corner of the wallpaper.


XP Goes Back to School Windows user Nabeel Ahmed has tricked out his desktop for back to school, by embedding his class schedule and todo.txt file with Samurize and customizing his icons and theme.

Windows Desktop in Monochrome Windows user skarhead187 demonstrates that you don’t even need color to pull together an incredible custom desktop.

Vista Transblack Head Up Display Windows user j33f darkens Vista and subtly embeds system monitoring details, RSS feeds, and currently playing music information into the desktop.

BumpTop Beta in Action BumpTop desktop interface that turns your desktop into a 3D space and lets you move, pile, fan, and lasso your documents the way you would on a physical desktop.


Desktop4 Taking advantage of Circle dock, jayers0424’s desktop with the earth rotates with accurate day and night cycles.

Desktop SS

Desktop Great setup that makes it hard to tell what OS it’s running.


Screeny end of may A very nicely customized desktop, especially the dock icons.

May 2008 Desktop

NewYork HUD Yet another desktop modded with HUD.Vision

Ironman on my Desktop Ironman fan Mac desktop.

I see you, Tu

HUD Desktop More HUD customization.

Fr33ze Cute little desktop setup with icons nicely blended to the wallpaper.

Mac Meets Windows Dylan Boom runs Windows within a Mac, with both beautifully styled.

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