27 Must-Have Starter Kits For Web Designers

Note: This post was first published on the 25th June, 2009.

Starter kits are great timesavers for web designers, and they are particularly useful for those who often create mock-ups for project pitching on a daily basis. If you are a designer-cum-programmer think of it as your code snippets

So what’s in a starter kit? We think it varies – depending on what each designer routinely worked with. For GUI designers, keeping a copy of form elements (buttons, checkboxes, tabs, drop-down menus, etc.) helps speed up the process of creating screens and layouts; on the other hand, browser (Edge, Firefox Safari) templates with safe web area keep web designers reminded how/where they should prioritize their contents. Experienced designers will usually customize and keep a personal version of the starter kit, some might have a few, too!

In today’s article, we attempt to show you some of the best design starter kits we’ve come to know. You can download (for free) and use them right away, or customize your own copy that will come in handy in the future, your choice. Full list after the jump.

GUI, Form Elements and Web Components

From form elements like checkboxes, input fields, and text areas to web design components like buttons, arrows, icons, badges, and more.

Yahoo’s Design Stencil Kit

Probably one of the complete kits for designers. GUI elements include calendars, grids, menus, mobile (general and iPhone), navigation and pagination, tabs, UI controls, and more! Comes in several format: OmniGraffle, Visio (XML), PDF, PNG and SVG.

yahoo stencil kit

Web Form Elements

With all these tabs, buttons, and dropdowns in one single PSD file, it’s sure going to give you a kickstart in interface design. Courtesy of sniperyu.

web form elements 01
web form elements 02

Browser Form Elements PSD

Browser Form Elements PSD for Mac Firefox 3 and another for Vista IE7.

Browser Form Elements PSD

Flex Dark Skin

Sleek dark skin interface elements.

Famfamfam Icons

Whether you are designing for web or application, you should not miss these awesome little buttons by Famfamfam.

Shortcut to: Silk, Mini and Flag collections.

famfamfam buttons

Peter’s DeviantART ID

Design ID cards made easy with this PSD template.

id layout

Deluxive Creative Pack

Distributed free by Deluxive, this creative pack PSD comes with inclusive badges, grid frames, buttons, stickers and more.


Aero Avatar and SIG

Vista avatar and signature template in PSD.

vista avatar signature

Browser Screens Templates

If you are designing a website in a Photoshop PSD file, it’s important to keep each browser and visible screen in consideration. The following PSD with different versions of Firefox, IE, and Safari web safe area will come in handy.

Browser Web Safe Area

Web safe area for Safari, IE and Firefox in different operating systems, all in downloadable PSD file.

Shortcut to: Mac OS XSafari, Firefox. Windows VistaIE, Firefox, Windows XPIE, Firefox

browser web safe area

960px Photoshop Grid Template

PSD grid template in 960px width to prevent yourself from composing with edges of the screen that may/may not actually be where you plan them to be.

960px grid

(More) Browser Templates

If you are looking for even more browser templates (PSD), webdesignerstoolkit’s collection should be what you are looking for. These folks has templates for Opera, Camino and classic browsers like iCan, Netscape and Mozilla.


Web Browser Elements

Free standard HTML form elements or browser windows for Windows, and Mac OSX.

Shortcut to: Mac OS XSafari, Firefox. Windows VistaIE, Firefox, Windows XPIE, Firefox

Windows XP IE Web Browser

Browser Screens and Website Elements

Exclusive freebie Vector Pack from VectorTuts. It’s a useful set of vector website assets you can use to mock up your client projects, present your work, or get a quick visual while laying out websites.

browser screens and website elements


A typical screen capture (print screen) will not include the cursor in the output. If you depend on the cursor to help indicate and describe an image better, these following PSD packs might help.

Polished Graphite

2 sets of different mouse cursors by usedHONDA.


Product Design

iPhone GUI PSD 3.0

The image below gives you a clear idea what this PSD file consist. Utmost useful to mock any iPhone development interfaces. Created by teehanlax.

iPhone GUI PSD 3.0

Here’s another one for the older version of iPhone.

iphone gui

iPhone PSD

High resolution iPhone interface.

iphone 3g interface

Here’s for those who are looking for first gen iPhone interface.

iphone psd

Magazine PSD

If you are presenting something in magazine style, you will want to start with this PSD.

magazine psd



DVD Plastic Case

Our collection of beautiful CD and DVD cases PSD templates.

dvd case

Documents and Letters

documents letters templates


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