Smart Keyword Search With Firefox and Safari

keyword search with ff safari

Usually when you search for something over the Internet, you type in / (or other search engines URL) in the address bar. Once page is loaded, type in the keyword and hit search button. 3 steps to SERP (Search Engine Result Page), thats slow. The search toolbar on the top right seems faster, 1 step to SERP but you are limited to search engines Mozilla provides. What if you want to search DeviantArt, or only particular blogs? Thats where the search toolbar meets its limitation.

Keyword Search in Browser Address Bar

To search really quickly on any sites, Smart Keyword Search is the solution. Here’s an example of keyword search in action.

Type in [search engine name] [keywords] in the browser address bar.

Hit enter, you will end up at, returned with "obama" related results. Imagine you can do the same thing almost on any sites, as long as they provides a search box. And of course it will not work by just typing in without any settings, read along on how to create your own smart keyword search on your Firefox and Safari browsers.

Firefox – Smart Keyword Search

Here’s a step by step guide how you can create smart keyword search in Firefox, leaving your search result page 1 click away.

Step 1

Select Bookmarks -> Organize Bookmarks to launch the Bookmarks Manager dialog box.

Step 2

Create a new folder (I used Quick Search) to store your quick searchers bookmarks.

Step 3

Let’s create a quick search shortcut. Say I want to quick search Locate where the search box is, right click, look for "Add keyword for this Search..".

Fill up the following fields:

  • Name: A self explanatory name for the search engine
  • Keyword: If you insert "da", you will be searching with "da flowers"

Remember to keep things organized, put them inside a quick search folder.

Done! Test our your smart keyword search by typing da something on the address bar and hit enter.

Tips #1: Give your bookmark a meaningful name. For example, "[da] DeviantArt" will tell you the keyword to smart search is "da", or "[rd] Reddit" will tell you "rd" is the keyword to smart search.

Tips#2: Besides search engines, here’s few other areas Smart Keyword Searches might come in handy:

Safari – Smart Keyword Search

Safari browser can do the exact same thing with the help of this plugin – Keywurl. Download and install the plugin on your Safari browser and feel the speed in searching.


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