40 Mind-Boggling Shadow Art Illusions [PICS]

Shadows are such straightforward things: cast a light on an opaque object, and a shadow of it is thus born. Yet shadows can be manipulated to resemble entirely different shapes from its model, using clever and strategic manipulation of space and light. These amazing and cool artwork will make you look twice and ask yourself: how in the world did they do that?

(Image Source: Fred Eerdekens)

Admire the creative works of talented artists as they meticulously arrange their masterpieces. Here, we proudly present 40 Illusionary Shadow Arts – illusions of barbed wires and books, hanging acrylic pieces and jumbled up wooden mess. Prepare for some "what-the…" moments.

Typography Shadow Play. (Image Source: Typography Served)

Could Suggest Something. (Image Source: Fred Eerdekens)

Typography Shadow Play – HOW. (Image Source: Typography Served)

Men Ga Een Zachter Gang. (Image Source: Fred Eerdekens)

Tralalala. (Image Source: Fred Eerdekens)

Neo Deo. (Image Source: Fred Eerdekens)

A To Z. (Image Source: Kumi Yamashita)

City View. (Image Source: Kumi Yamashita)

Greenpeace: Keys. (Image Source: Ads of the World)

Greenpeace: Bulbs. (Image Source: Ads of the World)

Greenpeace: Junk mail. (Image Source: Ads of the World)

Taste the Lighter Side of Dark. (Image Source: Vitro)

Chair. (Image Source: Kumi Yamashita)

Akari. (Image Source: Kumi Yamashita)

Lovers. (Image Source: Kumi Yamashita)

Question Mark. (Image Source: Kumi Yamashita)

Shadow Dancing. (Image Source: Ed Jansen)

Point Gaurd. (Image Source: Larry Kagan)

Great Book. (Image Source: Larry Kagan)

The At Sign. (Image Source: Larry Kagan)

Poodle. (Image Source: Larry Kagan)

Horse Riding. (Image Source: Larry Kagan)

Ring. (Image Source: Chris Ten Eyck)

YOUNGMAN. (Image Source: Tim Noble & Sue Webster)

Relativity. (Image Source: Triantafyllos Vaitsis)

Freedom or Slavery?. (Image Source: Triantafyllos Vaitsis)

The Beginning of the End. (Image Source: Triantafyllos Vaitsis)

Sunset Over Manhattan. (Image Source: Tim Noble & Sue Webster)

Wasted Youth. (Image Source: Tim Noble & Sue Webster)

Dirty White Trash. (Image Source: Tim Noble & Sue Webster)

Dark Stuff. (Image Source: Tim Noble & Sue Webster)

Wild Mood Swings. (Image Source: Tim Noble & Sue Webster)

Plastik Portret. (Image Source: Rashad Alakbarov)

Fly to Baku. (Image Source: Rashad Alakbarov)

Looking At Two Cities from One Point of View. (Image Source: Rashad Alakbarov)

Woman. (Image Source: John Lewis)

Child. (Image Source: John Lewis)

Man. (Image Source: John Lewis)

Nova 96.9: Monkey. (Image Source: Ads of the World)

Fragments. (Image Source: Kumi Yamashita)