55 Popular Pinterest Pinboards for Your Office Decor Inspirations

When you’re going through your rounds in Pinterest, have you ever got that feeling that the site reminds you of an interior decor magazine? Well, if you look hard enough you can find tons of ideas on how to decorate the interior of your home, kitchen, living space and even your office. A little decor can go a long way in lightening up the mood in the office; or to personalize your office space enough to make you feel more at home (for most people, the office is their second home).

Even for those who work from home, there is no reason for your workstation to look office-y or carry a style that is too different to jive with the rest of the house. Well, we’ve gone and done the research for you. Here is a list of 55 popular Pinterest Pinboards that carry interesting ideas which could help inspire the decorator within you to start sprucing up your workplace.

Craft Rooms – Office by Barbara McHenry [Visit]

{Home} The Home Office by B.A. Bollinger [Visit]

An Amazing Place to Get Some Work Done! by Renee O’Banion [Visit]

Craft Rooms – Office by Barbara McHenry [Visit]

Studio/Office by Lynn Harvey [Visit]

HOME OFFICE! by Madeleine Peterson [Visit]

O F F I C E S P A C E by HoltwoodHipster [Visit]

Organized Office by Ann W [Visit]

home | office by Lindsey Iverson [Visit]

Office Makeover by Alyssa Hollis [Visit]

Office by Karen Martin Warmerdam [Visit]

Office Space by Scrumbellina [Visit]

Office by Karen Capson [Visit]

Office Spaces by Cheryl Ann Cavurro [Visit]

Office Ideas by Jaimee Keppel [Visit]

The Office by Laura Busche [Visit]

Office by SusieJ [Visit]

Home Office and Office Help by Pamela Novakovich [Visit]

Office Spaces by Kristi Wiggins [Visit]

Office Space by Jentry Dryden [Visit]

Office Ideas by Krista [Visit]

Office Options by Robin [Visit]

Office Ideas by Caroline Hinrichs [Visit]

Home Office by Iona Frans [Visit]

Office Inspiration by Kara Brennan [Visit]

Office But Not THE Office by Jennifer N [Visit]

Home Office/Office by Vicki Schimpf [Visit]

Office and Office Spaces by Mimi Cheng [Visit]

HOME OFFICE by Blanca Feldman [Visit]

Office Space by Cindy McMahan [Visit]

Office Mojo by mspinkandblue [Visit]

Office by Melinda Dame Christensen [Visit]

Office Inspired by Nycia Emerson [Visit]

Office Space by Barb Payne [Visit]

Office Design & Decor by Steph Hart [Visit]

Office/Home Office by Master Cruz [Visit]

Office by Zellain Dystopia [Visit]

Office Space by AphroChic [Visit]

Office, Workspace by Mel C [Visit]

Office Inspiration by Lindsay Hayes [Visit]

Home Office by Janet Smith [Visit]

Office Space by Joanne Cumberland [Visit]

Office by Rachel Martino [Visit]

Office Office Office!!! by Paola Torres Esquivel [Visit]

Den Design & Decor by Debbie Peabody [Visit]

Decor – Office & Work Areas by Janet Kilby [Visit]

Office by Megan Gilger [Visit]

Office by Patty Hall [Visit]

Work It! by Tracey Murray [Visit]

For The Office by Pennyweight [Visit]

My Future Office and Studio by Bridgette Clarke Lade [Visit]

Future Office by Janet Hertogh [Visit]

Office by Jensen Chiu [Visit]

As usual, if you have stumbled upon any pinboards that feature similar or even better styles, do share them with us in the comments section.