40 Impressive Robots Built with Lego Bricks

Lego is the favorite game of all time not only for kids but also for adults, and what’s really makes it one of the best game ever created is its flexibility that unlocks creativity at any degree. In Hongkiat, you witnessed the flexibility though the amazing showcase, 35 Lego Mega Constructions.

(Image Source: Sven Junga)

Today we want to show you nothing about amazing construction, but 40 impressive Lego models which are best to describe the science fiction. What you can expect to see are armed units, mobile suits, vehicle and even spaceships built purely with Lego, including the infamous StarCraft 2′s units and even Optimus Prime and Bumblebee! Have a fun time exploring what a toy can really achieve, in fact it’s an art now!

Terran Marine. First model of this showcase series is the Terran Marine from the StarCraft 2, it’s just too similar to the real one! (Image Source: Sven Junga)

Firebat and Marauder. Here comes the Firebat and its variation, Marauder from the Terran faction of the StarCraft 2, and yes, they are cool and cute at the same time! (Image Source: Alex M.reever)

Terran Viking. More Terran units! The shape and the detail are awesome, too bad it can’t transform into Fighter mode! (Image Source: Sven Junga)

Thor. I think “Epic” is the best word to describe this Lego Thor, again the model is inspired by StarCraft 2. (Image Source: Sven Junga)

Terran Battlecruiser. Probably one of the best Lego Battlecruisers in the Flickr, you can get a closer view here. (Image Source: Jerac)

Zerg Banelings. It’s not just Terran’s units that got into Lego series, but also Zerg’s cute banelings! Amazed with its similarity and quality. (Image Source: Nannan Z.)

Optimus Prime. Highly detailed Lego Optimus Prime, it took the builder just 8 days to build up this amazing work. (Image Source: rediv)

Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. “Boom!!! Prime and the Beester just kickin’ it. They stopped by the studio to say Hi.” (Image Source: rediv)

Android. You probably know this, it’s adorable Android from Google! It’s not sci-fi character actually, but it’s just too cute to be excluded from the list! (Image Source: ejbocan)

LHB-020 DeRosa. Epic one. It’s even hard to believe that this thing is a Lego. (Image Source: kwi-chang)

LWB-007 CERVELO. Yet another hardcore design from kwi-chang. (Image Source: kwi-chang)

Gunner. Nothing is cooler than a gigantic guy carrying the huge gun. (Image Source: Izzo’s LegoStyle)

LHB-021 Voeckler. Sleek, sexy and futuristic, it’s Voeckler from kwi-chang. (Image Source: kwi-chang)

Crossed. “Maybe too much cannon.” (Image Source: blas-T)

Walking Death. No head, no body, just a very, very cool cannon. (Image Source: intrond)

HMT-004 Lex-Formica. Should be a construction mech, the industrial design is way too cool. (Image Source: kwi-chang)

HMT-003 Mandibula. Yet another inspiring design by kwi-chang, especially the spike toes on the leg part. (Image Source: kwi-chang)

B3r1N631. Unusual model with unusual color scheme. (Image Source: intrond)

LimeTron. Simple yet pretty fresh model, especially the legs and the lime color scheme. (Image Source: Chiefrocker9000)

LTW-006 GOTHICA. Black color scheme really makes the spider-type mech look very cool, and the legs’ designs are inspiring. (Image Source: kwi-chang)

Scorpion. Hardcore scorpion with terrific color scheme. (Image Source: -Exius-)

W7 Bull-Tick. It bites hard! (Image Source: Titolian)

T16 Rhinoceros-Beetle. Less components but it looks so right, so cute! (Image Source: Titolian)

Series-2 BurroWeavil. “The Series-2 BurroWeavil is the infiltrator of the nano-bug forces. Swarms of these robots are released onto an enemy ship, unbeknownst to the pilots, and can hack almost any computer in under a second.” (Image Source: Titolian)

Soul. Awesome mini Lego model with attention to detail and proportion, and the color scheme just made it a better piece. (Image Source: Cam M.)

AZu1. “The AZ unit 01 (AZu1) is an extremely fast and agile mech. It can easily get to strategic positions where it can maintain heavy cover fire, for its allies, from its high caliber cannon rifle. Although it’s relatively light weight and agility comes at a price of sacrificing heavy armor, making it vulnerable to close combat.” (Image Source: intrond)

Ogré. Heavy mech with badass gun, I like it. (Image Source: intrond)

The Fanciful Five. “Swoosh! Pew, pew! Clomp, clomp, clomp.” – Matt L. (Image Source: Justin Pyne)

TK C.A.M Hardsuit. You don’t need to be big to be cool, and this model just proved it. (Image Source: Color)

TFR Sniper Bot. Another nicely crafted minibot with dark suit and cool standing pose. (Image Source: Color)

Chubby is Best. Agreed. (Image Source: Color)

A Modest Game of Croquet. Yes. (Image Source: Justin Pyne)

Iron Maiden. The 200-stud long gigantic ship crashed in the BrickCon 2010, the detail is just amazing. (Image Source: Nannan Z.)

Harlequin’s Gauntlet. “It took over two years to finish, and I learned a lot about how to (not) build SHIP’s. Since this was my first one, I didn’t realize the importance of building so it can’t be disassembled into sections. As a result, it is about four feet long (approximately 130 studs).” (Image Source: Genghis Don)

Project GeoSword. “An electromagnetic linear motor mass driver system, powered by two fusion reactors. The projectile (or slug) is the size and mass of a small safe. It’s propelled at a fraction of light speed and is designed to squash on impact with the kinetic energy of several ‘Tsar bomba’s’.” (Image Source: Red Spacecat)

Midnight Dragon. “Powered by four massive engines, and armed with four forward blaster cannons and a powerful dorsal turret (usually manned by Mr. Lobster), this is one ship you don’t want to run into. Ever.” (Image Source: 4estFeller)

Garm Gauss Tank. Perfect machine for pure violence. (Image Source: Jerac)

LAB-001 SRAM. Light assault vehicle with stylish exterior design. (Image Source: kwi-chang)

PowerDriller mk II. Very cool driller indeed, I only believe this is a Lego when I saw certain pieces of it. (Image Source: Jerac)

Rail-Cannon. Great attention to detail, probably one of the best rail cannon designs in Lego form. (Image Source: Exius)


It was really a fun time exploring different kind of Lego models in Flickr and DeviantArt. What I saw are not only borderless imagination and creativity, but also great patience that eventually make the impossible possible. I was really amazed and touched, hat off to all Lego masters.

Saw a Lego model that’s just cool and awesome? Come’on, don’t keep it, show it to us! Also I will like to know if you’re like me, who got the feeling to pick up the game again after viewing the entire showcase!