30 Spook-Worthy Halloween Apps For iPhone And Android

Halloween’s just creeping around the corner, and what better way to celebrate it than with some spooky fun Halloween apps? Got to spruce up the season with a matching wallpaper.

Halloween cards or even better, a virtual jack-o-lantern! Besides, having a Halloween game or two installed will keep your children busy while you enjoy the event yourself.

So here’s 30 Halloween-themed apps for your iPhone and Android devices – have fun experimenting and playing around with them. Happy Halloween!

iPhone Apps

With so many iOS Halloween apps in the App Store, which ones are worth downloading? We have shortlisted some of the best Halloween apps here:

Halloween Card Creator

Halloween Card Creator lets you customize your own Halloween cards with widgets, touch gestures and more. Choose from the array of spooky but cute Halloween backgrounds, fonts and clip arts, or use photos from your own album as decor. You can easily save or share your designed card on Facebook or via email from the app itself. [Free]


If you’re looking for an all-in-one app, then Halloween! is a good pick for you. With a library of Halloween ringtones, wallpapers, costume ideas and trivia at your disposal, Halloween! is also packed with a built-in countdown and flashlight, perfect for when you go trick or treating! [Free]

Halloween City

Develop and rule your very own Halloween City: where the undead roam. Cross-breed the different Halloween characters: vampires, werewolves, mummies, zombies and witches to get unexpected results. Don’t forget to check out haunted houses and spooky lairs, and snap a shot or two to show your friends the city you reign over. [Free]

Shoot the Pumpkin

Play as Dracula displaying his bow and arrow skills as he takes aim at the pumpkin on Frankenstein’s head. You have an unlimited supply of arrows, but make sure that you don’t launch an epic Dracula-Frankenstein war by missing your aim and shooting Frankenstein instead. [$0.99]

Zombie Smash

Mash zombies up with survival-based castle defense, and you’ll get ZombieSmash, where you’re a lone survivor fighting to keep off stubborn zombies from eating your brains this Halloween. Flick and smash them until they can’t even return as the undead. Use special upgrades like rolling boulders, asteroids and other torture tools. Switch on Multiplayer Battle Mode and compete with your siblings and buddies to see who will be the last man standing. [$0.99]

The Very Hungry Pumpkin+

Halloween isn’t just about pumpkins and spooky things, it’s also about trick-or-treating and sweet things! Like the cute name suggests, this is a simple game even for young children, where they try to guide Pumpkin to as much candies as they can while avoid bumping into other trick-or-treaters. [Free]

Halloween Wallpaper HQ

Any season’s a reason to personalize your wallpaper. With this app, you can select and download beautiful Halloween-themed wallpapers, all in high quality. [Free]

Hell Puzzle

For puzzle lovers, Hell Puzzle features many Halloween HD images for your arranging delight. You’ll almost forget that you’re working on an iPad rather than a solid puzzle. The realistic images, with capacity for virtual movements around your work table will keep you engaged. The app comes with a timer to see how you fare, and best of all your end product can also be saved as your new iPad wallpaper. [$0.99]

House of Shadows

For you adventurous folks, House of Shadows is an addictive hide-and-sneak puzzle game. Play as a kid who is trying to help a sibling who has wandered into a haunted house. Lead them to safety by avoiding and outsmarting the restless ghosts and zombies. [$0.99]

LEGO Halloween Creationary

Guess what Halloween-themed creature, place, thing or costume Lego is building with its bricks as quickly as you can to get the most points. The game gets more challenging the more you play, so give it a try and see if you’re a Master Lego Creationary! [Free]

Make A Zombie

Why not raise your own pet zombie this Halloween? Create your own zombie by putting together unique hairstyles, heads, eyes, torso, clothes and other body parts. You can create more than one with this app, and unleash them on Twitter and Facebook, or even make cut-oto life. [Free]

Pumpkin Ninja

A ninja is everywhere, even during Halloween! Slash your way through evil falling pumpkins to gain points, and avoid shurikens that will cut down your life force. [$0.99]

Pumpkin Pal

Like Carve-a-Pumpkin, Pumpkin Pal turns your iPad into a ready-to-carve jack-o-lantern. Pick patterns, carve away, and even undo marks that don’t quite make the cut. The app even features a slider for you to dim the lights for the perfect spooky glowing Halloween pumpkin. [$0.99]

Restaurant Story

Restaurant Story is back with a new festive touch: Halloween Edition. Adorn your restaurant with cobwebs, cauldrons or spooky pianos and hire Zombie Waiters to serve your customers. You can even hold a Monster Bash for Halloween Guests and cook up special recipes like Graveyard Pudding and Bewitching Cupcakes to costumed guests who turn up for a little bit of trick-or-treat! [Free]

ZombieBooth: 3D Zombifier

Ever thought of how you’ll look like if you’re infected and turned into a zombie? Then try out this ZombieBooth, packed with 3D and animated features. Make your pet dog your zombie sidekick by recording videos of the zombie team together and send it to your terrified friends! [$0.99]


Love to carve pumpkins but hate to clean up afterwards? Carve a virtual one instead where you can choose from different pumpkin styles, add in wacky eyes and mouths, or completely customize your own design? You can also add messages and share your art with your friends! [Free]

Halloween Soundlab

Halloween Soundlab is the handy companion for the prankster at heart. When all is silent and dark on Halloween night, flick this app on and play eerie sounds, ranging from ‘Creepy Organ’ to ‘Empty Rocking Chair’. Freak someone out! [$0.99]

Android Apps

For the Android army, here are some Halloween apps that will definitely make your Halloween more enjoyable!

Halloween Popper

Halloween Popper is a customizable wallpaper app where you can design your own wallpaper with bats, pumpkins, ghosts and many more. [$0.99]

Halloween Party Soundboard!

The Android counterpart to iPhone’s Soundlab, the Soundboard is pure fun. Select a delay (from 5 to 60 seconds), choose the scariest sound from Psycho to Scarecrow, keep your phone hidden, and give your friends the scare of their life as the sounds play by itself! [Free]

Pumpkins vs. Monsters

It’s an all-out battle between pumpkins and monsters! Flick pumpkins to inflict damage on monsters before they get to you. With the different attributes of pumpkins and many stage levels, this addictive game will keep you entertained for hours. [Free]

Connect ‘Em Halloween

Connect blobs together in Connect’Em Halloween. It may sound like a no-brainer, but it takes careful strategy to solve the puzzle as each blob can only connect for a set number of times. Your Halloween mission is to make sure they’re all connected to each other correctly. [Free]

Doctor Bubble Halloween

Another puzzle for your Halloween, Dr Bubble Halloween is a classic: shoot bubbles to form groups of three identical Microbes/Pumpkins before they drown you. Simplistic but be warned, it can be really addictive. [Free]

Halloween Ghosts

Halloween Ghosts is going to animate your Android’s wallpaper with roaming ghosts! Pick from the different backgrounds, and set the number of ghouls you would like to see, as well as if you would like to hear their spooky sounds. Comes with a countdown timer for the Halloween mood! [$0.99]

Spooky Hangman

Hangman with a Halloween twist! Try to guess the word before the man’s hanged! And don’t let yourself be distracted by realistic, creepy sounds like a witch’s cackle and eerie church bells. [Free]

Twisted Lands: Shadow Town

In this hidden object game riddled with unspeakable horrors, you play as Mark who is searching for his wife, Angel. Their boat was shipwrecked on the mystery island of Shadow Town and his wife dragged into the darkness. Solve mind-challenging puzzles and explore spine-chilling secrets as he attempts to stay alive in the shady town. [$1.99]

Chalk ball Halloween

You’re now a Spiderman (sort of)! Draw spider webs with your finger to keep a Pumpkin bouncing safely- of course, the webs don’t stay around forever. With the many different stages, it’s much more than just keeping the Pumpkin afloat as zombies, vampires and spiders make their appearance to thwart your mission. At the end of each stage you’ll get to have some good old fun Halloween Trivia. [Free]

Creepy Tales

If you’re not into trick-or-treating or wild Halloween parties, then you might want to curl yourself up with friends and families listening to horror stories. With Creepy Tales, choose from different short stories to entertain each other for the evening, and see who’s the bravest of all. [Free]

Trick or Tracker

Trick or Tracker is a very useful application which will give parents ease of mind when their children go trick-or-treating. This app lets your children send you their exact location according to the time interval you set. Also available for iPhone. [$4.99]

House of Horrors

With over one hundred full-length horror movies available for your viewing pleasure in House of Horrors, you can happily enjoy an all-night long horror flick marathon on Halloween. Just make sure you have that popcorn ready by your side. [$0.99]