40 Tools To Spice Up Your Twitter Background

Is the default blue background of your Twitter page starting to look stale, or is it just me? It’s time to spice up your Twitter page with a little more personality – a little more YOU! With the growing trend of Twitter usage, it’s only logical to treat Twitter as an impression of yourself. And as you would personalize the profile picture of your Facebook, why leave your Twitter as one of the faceless crowd?

To help you jump-start your Twitter makeover, here is a collection of online tools and resources to personalize your Twitter background. Full list after the jump!

Twitter Background Tools

Free Twitter Designer
Free Twitter Designer will help you create free Twitter backgrounds that have the same look and feel as those done by professional graphic designers.

Twitter Background Checker
Check if your Twitter profile looks like poo-poo in smaller or higher resolutions.

Twitter Background 0.1
Ever wanted to see the background image while in a Twitter page? Now it’s just matter of clicking on it and voila, everything else goes away so you can appreciate the background.

Free custom Twitter layouts and backgrounds generator.

Twilk takes your Twitter friends’ faces and puts them on your Twitter background.

Upload images, pick time & your twitter background and twitter profile icon will change automatically!

Artweet is a simple little service so you can make the most of your twitter backgournd by displaying a picture and or some messages.

ClickableNow enables clickable links on Twitter background images.

Peekr is a widget that makes it easy to view a twitter background.

Create a FREE Twitter background with online Twitter background designer and generator.

TwitBacks allows you to create FREE branded Twitter Backgrounds and promote your Twitter profile all over the web.

Flickr My Background
Put your latest Flickr image in your Twitter background. Flickr My Background checks for new photos and sync every hour.

Free Backgrounds

Creative Twitter Background
Free tutorials on uploading your custom twitter background and free twitter backgrounds provided.

Custom Background for Twitter
More than 50 free Twitter backgrounds provided.

Custom Tweets
Free Twitter backgrounds and layouts.

Twitter Images
The themes and images on Twitter Images are free for use as twitter backgrounds.

Free Twitter backgrounds PSD layered files.

Free Twitter Backgrounds – Hi-Res Grungy Set 1
A set of grungy Twitter backgrounds that you can customize and use for free. They’re all hi-res PNG files.

We Love Backgrounds
The best source for twitter backgrounds. They have the largest range of free twitter backgrounds on the net.

Web Design Beach
Web Design Beac presents you six brand new Twitter backgrounds for you to download and use if you like.

Tweety Got Back
Free Twitter backgrounds and themes.

Beautiful free twitter background themes.

Pattern Cooler
Add your own colors to contemporary and retro pattern designs, or browse from thousands of pre-colored patterns in the seamless pattern background library.

Free Twitter Gallery
Free Twitter themes and layouts.

Profile Band
Tired of having a boring twitter page? You need one of Profile Band’s free and unique twitter backgrounds!

Twitter Backgrounds
1000’s of unique free Twitter backgrounds. Click “Get Twitter Background” beneath any image you want to put on your Twitter.

TwitrBackgrounds.com, the premier site for Twitter backgrounds. They have the largest selection of free Twitter backgrounds and each design is made by them in house.

An online community where hundreds of Twitter layouts & backgrounds can be downloaded FREE.

Doctor Twitter
Doctor Twitter.com is the leading FREE background and layout site for bringing your Twitter background back to life.

Graphicshunt.com is a site to get all the twitter backgrounds that you need and want.

Twitter Backgrounds Base
Twitter Backgrounds Base or shortly TwBGS is one of the largest collection of unique, interesting and free Twitter backgrounds submitted and recommended by designers and by different Twitter users.

twitrounds was established to help provide high quality twitter backgrounds for all you twitter lovers.

Zidalgo Twitter Theme Pack 001
Zidalgo Twitter Theme Pack 001 designed by Christopher Anderto.

Twitter Gallery
On Twittergallery.com you can find the best twitter backgrounds on the net. Simply Click the gallery post, and change your twitter background within a minute. It is that simple !

Free cute Twitter backgrounds.

MyTwitterBackgrounds is your top source for the hottest twitter backgrounds. Keep checking back as many new Free Twitter Backgrounds are added every day!

SweetTweet is everything from twitter backgrounds to twitter buttons and they’ll even show you how to use twitter too!

Twitter Background Tutorials

Create A Twitter Background using PowerPoint

Create A Twitter Background using Adobe Illustrator
RC shares a video tutorial about designing a background for a twitter page using Illustrator.

Design a Unique Twitter Background
Make your Twitter page stand out (in a good way!) with four simple tips.

A Twitter Background Made Using Photos of Facebook Friends
Create a background of your Twitter page with Facebook friends via the picture collage trick.

4 Ways to Optimize Your Twitter Background

Twitter Background Design How-To and Best Practices
the best practices around Twitter background design and get to work creating our own.

How To Create A Twitter Background That Flows With Your Website Design
A step by step tutorial on how to let your websites design flow straight into Twitter.

How to Create a One-of-a-Kind Twitter Background in Photoshop
In this tutorial, you’ll create one of our own around a central mascot: a highly detailed twitter bird, that you’ll have to draw yourself!

Bonus: Beautiful Twitter Background Design

Last but not least, we want to bring to your attention some of the really beautiful Twitter background design we’ve seen recently.
























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