Firefox Resize Bookmarklet: Now With Re-positioning

firefox bookmarklets

Resizing Firefox screen to specific size with bookmarklet couldn’t be easier. I’ve mentioned about how you can create your own bookmarklet earlier, and here’s something better. By adding little scripts to these bookmarklet; not only it resizes but now it can re-position. Whether you want a full screen browser, a 1024×768 positioned in the center of your screen or 800 (width) with screen fit height browser, it’s all within one click.

Behavior of each of the bookmarklets are illustrated in the table below. Test the script action by clicking on the hyperlink. To use, drag them over to your Firefox Bookmark Toolbar, or better still create a folder for it if you are going to use multiple of them.

Firefox resizing bookmarklet: With Re-positioning




1280×800 C

1200×800 C

1024×768 C

800×600 C

1024×768 TL

1024×768 TC

1024×768 TR

800×600 TL

800×600 TC

800×600 TR


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