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If you’re a web designer or graphic artist, then you’re sure to come across various colors on the web or images that you may want to use them in your own designs. Since it’s impossible to memorize every single color value out there, an eyedropper tool is a must-have; no designer should be without one!

eyedropper tool

With an eyedropper tool you can simply click anywhere on your computer screen to grab and copy specific colors for your own personal use such as making palettes or color schemes, and we want to save your resourcing troubles by listing more than 25 eyedropper tools with convenient features for Windows, Mac, Firefox, Chrome, iPhone and Android!

No more trouble on getting or memorizing the color anymore, grab them to speed up your design work!

Shortcut to color pickers for:

Windows Apps

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Instant EyedropperInstant Eyedropper is a free tool that helps you find HTML color codes of any pixel on your screen. With just a single click the code will be copied to the clipboard, then you can paste it wherever needed.

Instant Eyedropper

Eye Dropper 3.01Eye Dropper is a simple tool that attaches a magnifier to your mouse pointer so that you can zoom into specific pixel on your screen. The tool then displays the RGB, CMYK, and HEX value of the color.

Eye Dropper 3.01

Eyedropper 4.0 betaAlong with finding out the color value of any pixel on the screen, Eyedropper also lets you measure the distance between pixels, with the option to zoom in for better accuracy. Color value is automatically saved to the clipboard, and formats for display include HEX, RGB, and CMYK.

ColorPicColorPic is great for high-resolution monitors. It includes a magnifier so that you can get the color precisely. You can save up to 16 colors in the palettes, and use 4 advanced color mixers to select a spectrum of possibilities. It has many other advanced features like color adjusting and mixing, the ability to view web-safe version of each color, and a resizable magnification area.


Quick HTML Color PickerQuick HTML Color Picker is a free tool for picking colors from your screen, with the ability to preview before selecting. The color will then be displayed in RGB and HTML formats and be automatically copied to the clipboard.

Quick HTML Color Picker

ColorPixColorPix picks colors from your screen and displays them in RGB, HEX, HSB, and CMYK formats. There is a built-in magnifier that lets you zoom in for more precise viewing and picking. Values are automatically copied to the clipboard.

ColorSchemer ColorPix

Just Color PickerJust Color Picker is not just your average color picker. It displays colors in HTML, RGB, HEX, HSB/HSV, and HSL formats. It has a magnifier with 3 different settings, RGB and RYB color wheel to display triads and complementary colors, a color finder for harmonious matching, color code conversions, and much more!

Just Color Picker

GetColor!GetColor! is a very simple color picker that displays colors in RGB, HEX, HTML, and WinAPI formats. You can then copy one or all of them to the clipboard. It can also be minimized to the system tray.


Color CopColor Cop may be small, but it has a lot of great features. You can use the eyedropper to grab colors from anywhere on the screen and even use the magnifying glass to zoom in for closer view. Colors can be displayed in HTML hex, Delphi hex, Powerbuilder, Visual Basic, Clarion, Visual C++, RGB float and RGB int formats, which will be automatically copied to the clipboard. You can save up to 7 colors in the history, find complementary and web-safe colors, minimize the app to the system tray, and more.


ColorManiaColorMania lets you pick colors from anywhere on your screen. There is also a built-in magnifier for greater accuracy. Colors can be displayed in RGB, HSV, HSL, and CMYK values. You can also save up to 6 colors in the palette.


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Firefox Addons

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PixelZoomerPixelZoomer is great for grabbing colors and displaying them as HEX code. It works slightly different from the norm because it renders web pages as screenshots and zooms in using a new CSS attribute. This is done so that the pixels are rendered crisp without using anti-aliasing.


ColorZillaColorZilla is just like your basic color picker and eyedropper tool, except it lives in your browser. It’s an addon for Firefox that lets you grab the color of any pixel inside your browser. The built-in palette browser allows you to choose colors from pre-defined color sets and save the most used colors in custom palettes.


Rainbow Color ToolsRainbow Color Tools includes the analyzer that extracts the color scheme from the current website’s images and CSS, a picker that picks color in RGB and HSV values, an inspector that retrieves the color of any pixel on the browser, and finally a library that filters through saved colors by tag or the url of the page the color was found.


RainbowpickerRainbowpicker is inspired from the advanced color picker that can be found in Nvu and ported over to Firefox. It’s very simple and easy to use: just click and pick. Colors are displayed in their HEX and name values; you can also change the hue, saturation and brightness to create slight variation.


More Firefox stuff:

Mac Apps

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ColourMod Color PickerColourMod is so unique that it comes in 5 different versions: Konfabulator, ColourMod V1.9, ColourMod V2.2, Unbranded, and Personalized. Each version is customized to fit your needs. Konfabulator is a desktop version that is available for Mac and Windows. ColourMod V1.9 is a Mac dashboard widget. ColourMod V2.2 is a plugin for web-based applications. Unbranded removes ColourMod’s branding and Personalized lets you add your own logo on the application.


DigitalColor MeterDigitalColor Meter is a tool that comes with Mac OS X. As you move your mouse around, it will show you the color value of any pixel on the screen. You can choose the format to display the color, such as RGB, YUV, or CIE.

DigitalColor Meter

ColorSnapperColorSnapper is very simple and useful. It describes itself as “the missing color picker for Mac.” It lives in the menu bar until it’s called via a hotkey, and features a magnifier for better accuracy. Grabbed color is automatically copied to the clipboard and can be reused as needed. You can also choose from around 13 different formats if needed.


Hex Color PickerHex Color Picker puts an extra tab in the system-wide color panel and lets you see the hex code for any color instantly. You can then edit the color using a set of shorthands and see a live preview.

Hex Color Picker

RCWebColorPickerRCWebColorPicker is a very simple tool that displays RGB value in HTML-friendly HEX value. You can limit the slider to show only web-safe colors if you prefer. This tool should show up in the color panel of most Cocoa and Carbon apps.


PipettePlain and simple, Pipette lets you grab colors and copy them in HEX format. It’s lightweight and easy to use.


Chrome Extensions

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colorPickerWith colorPicker you can grab colors from any web page, then save or copy them to your clipboard. Colors are displayed in their HSB, RGB, and CMYK values. It’s loaded with advanced features for web developers, such as the ability to check for WCAG 2 compatibility, adjust the area of the eyedropper, and a DOM-Explorer to find the elements or tags on the page easily.


Rulers, Guides, Eye Dropper & Color PickerAlong with being able to pick colors from any web page, this extension also lets you display guides, rulers, and grids on any web page. It has many features for the rulers, guides and grids, but the color picker itself is pretty basic.

Rulers, Guide Picker

Eye DropperEye Dropper is a great extension with an advanced color picker that lets you see the HSV, RGB, and HEX color values of the grabbed color. Colors are stored in your history for later reference, and it can also be copied to the clipboard.

Eye Dropper

Color PickColor Pick is a very simple eyedropper with an attached magnifier. Once you’ve picked your desired color, the extension will save it for you until you pick a new one. Colors are displayed in RGB, HSL, and HEX formats.

Color Pick

iPhone Apps

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LoupeIf you’re a designer who owns an iPhone, Loupe lets you grab inspiration wherever you go. It lets you capture colors from photos in your library or just snap something live and get the colors. You can then create color swatches, save color values, and add notes to help you remember details later.


cliqcliq ColorsCliqcliq is a great color picker for creating and managing palettes on your iPhone. It also converts color values between RGB, HSB, and CMYK. You can grab colors from the camera, your photo library, or Flickr. Palettes can then be shared via email and are even compatible with Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Microsoft Word.


Android Apps

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Magic Color PickerMagic Color Picker is a powerful color selection tool suitable for designers, artists and programmers. It supports 7 different modes with RGB, HSV, HSL and YUV color models. Use either palette or sliders to adjust. Colors are shown in decimal and HEX.

Magic Color Picker

LifeDropperLifeDropper is an Android app that can tell you the color of real-life objects by utilizing your device’s camera. Colors will be displayed in RGB and CMYK values, along with the hexadecimal code.


That’s all!

With more than 25 eyedropper tools to choose from, which one is your favorite? Do you use certain eyedropper tool that’s not on the list? If so, feel free to share your preferred tool in our comments!