35 Extraordinary “End of The World” Inspired Artworks

All the time people were curious about when the world end will be? What will happen then? One of the most popular prediction for world end is it will happen in 2012, predicted by Aztecs. There are lots of opinions on this topic but today I’d like to show you some world end related artworks with dark and gloomy mood. They’ll make you worry about tomorrow.

Image: MrCanavan

In this collection of photo manipulations, matte paintings and other artworks of world end you will find impacts, collisions, dead cities and huge disasters. These astounding artworks will show you how buildings are going to break down, how the explosion is going to happen, and how the nature is going to turn the another way round which you have never seen.

By these visual presentation, I hope you’ll find them inspiring and motivating to live your days with thankfulness.

"End of The World" Artworks

Chaos of 2012. (Image Source: zbush)

New York Ruins. (Image Source: Jenovah-Art)

Environment: POST-APOCALYPSE. (Image Source: I-NetGraFX)

Doomsday. (Image Source: AndreeWallin)

Apocalypse. (Image Source: Roeyl)

Doomsday. (Image Source: kimotaker)

Apocalypse. (Image Source: pierremassine)

Rain of a Thousand Flames. (Image Source: mediamaster)

Armageddon 2012. (Image Source: Chris-Law)

Calculate the Apocalypse. (Image Source: Quoenusz)

Earth Reclaimed. (Image Source: frenic)

Earth Destruction. (Image Source: kallestar23)

Collide. (Image Source: cazzyae)

Deadly Kiss. (Image Source: M3-f)

Cry of the apocalypse. (Image Source: lucaszoltowski)

Post Apocalypse. (Image Source: BloodyMinded6)

Wolverine: Apocalypse city. (Image Source: JJasso)

Taipei Ruins. (Image Source: Jenovah-Art)

The End. (Image Source: Deadly-Wanderer)

Enter the Inferno. (Image Source: alexiuss)

Washington DC – Pentagon. (Image Source: etwoo)

Dubai Ruins. (Image Source: Jenovah-Art)

The End Of Seattle. (Image Source: kievda)

Cincinnati. (Image Source: kievda)

Casus Belli. (Image Source: Tr1umph)

Doomsday. (Image Source: Pr3t3nd3r)

Tomorrow never dies. (Image Source: zummerfish)

Rule the Apocalypse. (Image Source: MrCanavan)

Quarantaine in NY. (Image Source: CreativeVolution)

End of Time. (Image Source: bladz56)

When the Apocalypse rise. (Image Source: andy14hd)

Post apocalyptic Chicago. (Image Source: Pathogens)

Aftermath 2085. (Image Source: Wurstfried)

Facing A New World. (Image Source: 3mmI)

Destroyed City. (Image Source: ShadowYingZhi)