55 Just Gorgeous Dance Photo Manipulation Artworks (And Tutorials!)

Dance is a beautiful art of spiritful expression that humans have been pursuing since ancient times. The art form is so welcomed that it exists almost everywhere in our society, and with the birth of digital technology, it evolved into a brand new entity where beauty is to be expressed and enjoyed.

(Image Source: T-Law)

Throughout this showcase, we want to dedicate to you 39 pieces of gorgeous dance manipulation artwork from talented designers who made them more dynamic, dazzling, and spiritual! We hope you enjoy the entire show, and if you feel passionate to carve out one for yourself, we have even listed out 16 quality tutorials to help you dance better with your graphic editors!

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Break Dance. (Image Source: lerato letwaba)

Break Dance III. (Image Source: double-graphic)

Constelacion Neon. (Image Source: poisonvectors)

Dance. (Image Source: Harison Kerkof)

Dance And Game. (Image Source: Dawid Cmok)

Dance In Lights. (Image Source: artexius)

Dance Time. (Image Source: T-Law)

Dreamscape. (Image Source: Khyzyl Saleem, Krzysztof Olak)

Dynamic Life. (Image Source: Sandeep Kothiyal)

Feel My Greatest Temptation. (Image Source: Fatkur Rokhim)

Feel My Greatest Temptation III. (Image Source: Fatkur Rokhim)

Feel The Energy. (Image Source: agni43)

Fired Up. (Image Source: FrozenStarRo)

Flow. (Image Source: poisonvectors)

Full Flex. (Image Source: MrSyanArt)

Heart of a Dragon. (Image Source: videa)

Imagination Version: ICE. (Image Source: gunfiregf)

Just Dance. (Image Source: Anthony Tipay)

Krump It. (Image Source: craZy18gurl)

Let Me Dance. (Image Source: ultimateboss)

Life Is A Dance Floor. (Image Source: JARHOOD)

Main Focus. (Image Source: Bram Vanhaeren, Mart Biemans)

Move. (Image Source: Kevin Nitschmann)

Mr. Skeched Pants. (Image Source: MethMan)

Music Is My Religion. (Image Source: KingKeng)

OOH Design Studio Concept Art. (Image Source: Lucy Reynolds)

Precious. (Image Source: gunfiregf)

Reaching Out. (Image Source: Infinite705)

Sky Dance. (Image Source: Kevin Devroy)

So You Think You Can Splash. (Image Source: stefanos michaelides)

Song for the Deaf. (Image Source: Alesfuck)

Sound. (Image Source: Kevin Nitschmann)

STRONGER. (Image Source: Duc Viet Pham)

Tech Dance. (Image Source: Michaellee Patricio)

The Fire Dancer. (Image Source: PSD Vault)

Toxic Trust. (Image Source: Dawid Cmok)

v2. (Image Source: gunfiregf)

We Are Electric. (Image Source: Dawid Cmok)

Wonderman. (Image Source: Infinite705)


Want to make your favorite dancer dance in the dazzling lights and vectors? Here are a series of quality tutorials that can help you to unleash and materialize your creativity!

The Making of “Constant Slip”

Published by PSDTuts+, this free premium tutorial is going to take you through the process of making intriguing light effects and implementing them into your design.

Flying Girl

The resulting work is so impressive and stunning, and best of all you can actually learn how to achieve the effects with this comprehensive tutorial.

How to Create a Light Dancer

Gorgeous light effects for your glorious Photoshop work! Probably one of the most fascinating tutorials you should learn.

Combine 3D Shapes & Vectors for Dynamic Composition

Learn to deal with multiple types of graphics and combine them to create visually polished and dynamic composition.

Create an Abstract Cloud Jumper

Fancy dancing in a soft and wonderful scene with clouds? This is the tutorial for you!

Show Me The Light

Extremely dazzling light effects – now available as a PSD Box’s tutorial for you.

Manipulate A Dancer Illustration

Be ready to manipulate a stock photo of a dancer into something very cool and professional.

Create a Dynamic Scene with Light Elements and Circles

A unique tutorial that guides you in creating a colorful composition with different brush settings. You will also learn to make 3D looking spheres with only Photoshop’s built-in tools.

Develop A Dynamic Illustration For A Dance Motion

Creating fantastic image posters will never be hard with this detailed step-by-step tutorial.

Create A Stylish Dancer Photo Manipulation

Play with pen tools, filters, transformations, styles, blending options and other Photoshop tools to create a stylish dancer manipulation piece, brought to you by Psdeluxe.

Create A Futuristic Photo Illustration

Now this is a tutorial that shows you how to turn any image of a model into a futuristic composition with masks, color and light effects.

Create A Dynamic ‘Dance’ Desktop Wallpaper

With this tutorial you will actually learn to create a dynamic desktop wallpaper by manipulating stock images, creating cool vector 3D shapes, and build dynamic composition using multiple elements.

Use Lighting Effects To Make Photos Sparkle

“Turning a run-of-the-mill photo into a dazzling one is simple – when you know the right tricks”. And this tutorial is going to show you the right ways to do it.

Root Arms Effect

Besides the root arms effect, there are also valuable tips for you to implement into your dance photo manipulation works.

Creating a Cool Break Dancer

In just a few ways you will get to create pretty nice break dance photo manipulation with cool images and effects.


Great execution of colors, brilliant use of shapes and vectors, epic compositions; these are the recognition I can give to all of the manipulation artworks and tutorials listed above. I think they are really great, as by just looking at them I can even feel that the dancer is expressing something. They are not just artworks, but the product of spirit, passion and hard work.

Are you enjoying all of them? Which piece impresses you the most? If you have captured other precious artworks of dancers expressing their spirits, do let us know in your precious comments! That said, we look forward to your show in your comments!