Latte Art: 40 Very Delicious Examples

Since 1980s, the art form created by pouring steamed milk into a shot of espresso, or so called latte art, has been widely welcomed within the modern society, which thirsts for elegance and beauty. With the strong need of the society, the Baristas, coffeehouse bartenders, have sought for creativity and evolution for the latte art since then, resulting in plethora of patterns and even variants in the industry.

(Image Source: R. E.)

Why latte art? It’s just not only about showing the artistic talent of the baristas, but making the latte more visually appealing, sexy, and apparently more delicious. And for this post, we’re gonna deliver you 40 very delicious examples of the latte art. No words, no description, just the art. Enjoy them and if you’re like me, you might feel the aroma floated from these charming examples!

3 Oz Hot Chocolate. (Image Source: ericagisme)

A Cup For Winter Morning. (Image Source: PoYang)

A Cup Of Fire-Breathing Dragon. (Image Source: jrobblee)

Andrew’s Cap. (Image Source: dogmilque)

Art Of Hotchoc. (Image Source: jibbilittle)

Bakery Bar Hot Cocoa. (Image Source: pdxhipsterdoofus)

Bang Fo’ Yo’ Buck! (Image Source: nicely85)

Cappuccino & Post. (Image Source: Raphael Borja)

Cute Bear. (Image Source: okayama)

Etching. (Image Source: Lameen)

Flat White. (Image Source: Lameen)

Latte Art At Cafe. (Image Source: tom.glanz)

Latte Art Butterfly. (Image Source: meirzafri)

Latte Art: Kiki. (Image Source: dola_dola)

Latte And Plants. (Image Source: Anders Madsen)

Latte Bear. (Image Source: Nekousa)

Latte Flower. (Image Source: thevoyager)

Love Latte. (Image Source: PoYang)

Meow. (Image Source: Nekousa)

Moka Tulip. (Image Source: LATTEGARCIA)

On The Grass. (Image Source: PoYang)

Pity Bear. (Image Source: MiKA FOTO)

Rosetta. (Image Source: pieeetr)

Smiling Sun. (Image Source: okayama)

Today’s Latte. (Image Source: shomagi)

Warm Latte. (Image Source: Michelia Kramer)

Wood Latte Art. (Image Source: baristang)


I’m personally a big fan of latte, and I’m really impressed with the art capability achieved by mainly steamed milk and espresso. As I’ve described before, it makes the latte looks more delicious, and somehow I feel really good emotionally by just looking at these warmfully crafted latte art.

What do you think, or feel about the latte art? Are they essential enough to make the latte tastes better, or you are the minimalist who prefers just pure latte without drawing on it? Let us know your thought in your comment, and don’t forget to share us your delicious latte art found in anywhere!