Gift Exchange Ideas: 25 (More) Gifts You Can Get Under $10

It’s that time of the year again. Whether shopping is a joy to you, or a source of headache, when it comes to giving gifts, we are here to help. The challenge of the day: getting a gift for under $10. You may be looking for ideas for a party where you are to exchange gifts, or looking to make a small gesture in spreading goodwill and cheer.

In any case, you will probably find an idea that works in the following list. Note that some of these products may be out of stock – hey, it happens, it’s Christmas – so if you are looking for more ideas, check out our holiday gift guide. And in case you need it, here are some creative gift wrapping ideas you can try out.

Plug tags T2 Cable Identifier

Do you get your cables mixed up all the time? Then these cable identifiers should come in handy for you. Every set contains 6 tags with different designs and colors.


Work-Less Play-More Notepad

A 48-page notepad featuring prints of balls from 8 diffferent sports. Crumple up a page for a few rounds of wastepaper basketball.


Hamee Aluminum Cap Earphone Jack Accessory

This aluminium cap is designed for a standard 3.5mm earphone jack. Besides keeping your earphone jack clean from dust, it’s also a nice little decoration item for your smartphone.


Disney Character Mickey Mouse Smartphone Stand

Let Mickey’s er… bottom half hold your smartphone in place. This isn’t just a cute smartphone stand, it is strong and adjustable to different angles. Besides Mickey, Donald and Winnie the Pooh stands are available too.


Pac-Man Heat Changing Mug

This heat-changing mug, when filled with hot water, will light up with a scene from the legendary game Pac-Man. A perfect gift for any retro gamer.


Batman Night Light

Are your kids afraid of the dark? This Batman night light comes with a built-in sensor that turns on the light when it is dark. With Batman watching over you, there is nothing to fear.


Green Lantern Costume Can And Bottle Cooler

A can/bottle cooler to futfill the needs of any Green Lantern fans wanting to join forces with their favorite superhero.


Shark Fin Ice cube Tray

Who wants some shark fin ice cubes? Iconic Jaws theme not included – you’ll have to hum it yourself.


Personalised Wooden Spoon

Get a totally unique wooden spoon that is personalised with your name and a short message for just 9 bucks.


Joystand Headphone Tidy And phone Stand

Built in the shape of a good old joystick, this is one handy phone stand that also doubles as a place to hold your earphones. One job at a time, of course.


Space Invaders Earphone Holder

Another cool gift for retro gamers. This cool Space Invaders-themed earphone holder would also look really nice when used as a decoration item for your bag.


Beanie hat With Built-in headphones

On a cold winter’s day, what can be better than having a beanie with comfortable built-in headphones? It comes with a 3.5mm output and is made of 100% cotton.


Human Evolution Bookmarks

A unique, colorful and lighthearted interpretation of the evolution theory.


Minesweeper Post Card

Love Minesweeper? This is the scratch card slash postcard version. There are two levels, easy (80 mines) and hard (120 mines). The problem is, you have to stick your own flags one at a time.



Get more out of your mobile gaming experience with AppWheel, a driving wheel that can be used to hold your iPhone while you steer your way to a race victory. It is compatible with iPhone 3GS/4/4S and iTouch 3 & 4.


Bandit Stretchable Organizers

Here are some multipurpose rubber bands with hooks. You can use them to tidy up your cables, organize your keys, and more – all it takes is some creativity.


Thumbies Game Button Controller

Another item to help you take your mobile gaming experience to the next level. These suction cup button controllers are the ideal enhancements for virtual gamepad layouts used in many mobile games.


Star Wars Key Cover With Ball Chain

Show your support for your favorite Star Wars characters with these key covers. With 8 character designs to choose from, the force is strong in these.


Automatic Toothpaste Squeeze Dispenser

This automatic toothpaste squeeze dispenser is not just convenient, but also environmentally friendly. Plus, it spells an end to those squeeze from the middle or from the back of the tube debates.


Accuracy Laser Scissors

A pair of steel blade scissors with laser sighting system – cutting in a straight line has never been easier.


Dustin Screen Cleaner

Get rid of smudges on your screens with Dustin Screen Cleaner. There are two sides to each cleaner: one side wipes away bigger messes and the other erases fingerprints or smudges.


100 Film Toilet Paper Box

They may have done away with Kodak film but you can still have one of these as a waterproof toilet paper container.


Iron Man Hand Model Pen Drive

Although you can only get the 4GB version for under $10, an Iron Man Hand Model Pen Drive still makes an awesomely cool collectible.


Pack of 5 Sharetapes

A sharetype is a device that you can use to store your favorite playlists (from YouTube, Spotify, etc.) and share them with your friends, which can be done in 3 ways: tapping the sharetape on a NFC enabled device, or scan the QR code (unique to each sharetape) at the back of the sharetape, or simply enter the QR code here.


The Bottle Cap Tripod

Turn just about any bottle into a makeshift camera tripod with this bottle cap tripod. A thoughtful gift for your hobbyist photographer friend.


Know of more gems you would like to share with our fellow readers? Sound off in the comments section below.