40 Beautiful Emoticons and Smiley Icon Packs

Emoticons are emotional icons which is massively use in e-mail, chat, text messages and other forms of communication to dramatize the plain and uninteresting text. It is amazing that an icon can send across your emotions to another, loud and clear. We use emoticons to express how we feel when we are writing but in a better, precise and much more fun way. The exaggerated emotion of an emoticon can easily affect you and they can be pleasant or likewise. For example, some can annoy the bits out of you but hey, they are still miles away from making you bored.


Everyone just love personalization and this is an universal maxim today. Hence, the collection of emoticons for today’s post! You can even create your own emoticons. This is the fun we are talking about.

This week, we manage to collect 40 very emotional emoticon packs for your reference. Full list after jump!

Blueticons | DownloadText (via Kol)


The Blacy | DownloadThe Blacy shows the world’s worst simles to you. PNG + ICO files.128X128 (px) size. (via Rokey)


Emoji | DownloadZip-File contains = 18 PNG Files 200×200 and 18 PNG Files 100×100. (via Pinkheaven)


Emix 1 Emoticons Pack | Download12 emoticons (12 – 100*100 px, and 12 – MSN smiley (la animated)) (via Steiner Szebasztián)


Emoticons Pack | DownloadSWF download for cute emoticons, sexy girl emoticons, BebeDemon emoticons, CHampignon Mignon emoticons and Gothique Girl emoticons. (via Malycia)


Emoticons from ICQ4 | DownloadEmoticons from ICQ4 for Trillian 3.xx (works on Trillian 2.xx too) (via dxdezign)


Expressions Yummies | DownloadThis kind of expressions are quite useful in Japanese manga. Different eyebrown’s shape, the mouth and eye’s size, etc combines a different expressions. (via Iris Zeible )


Emoticons | DownloadA Zip file with each one as a 25 x 25 and 50 x 50 and 100 x 100 gif (via Penny)


Emoticons :: 001 | DownloadThese emoticons work best on dark backgrounds. (via Plasticmice)


Onion Head Emoticons | DownloadOnion Head emoticons are images used for expressing Onion Head emotions in a virtual environment. (via Cute Factor)


POPO Emotions Full Version | DownloadPOPO emotions + addon version icon pack. ICO and PNG files (via Rokey)


Parampaa Emoticons | DownloadThis Pack contains 32 weird emoticons. (via Parampaa)


Monkey Emoticons Set | DownloadFREE! All of Monkey Emoticons and other cute icons for your forums & webboard. (via Laymark)


IconTexto Emoticons | DownloadDownload this free Windows Vista icon pack for your Website or Application. 14 icons in formats PNG (256×256, 128×128, 48×48, 32×32, 16×16) and ICO (256×256, 128×128, 48×48, 32×32, 16×16). (via Bruno Maia)


GIGANTIMOTES | Download20 Gigantimotes with 40px x 40px dimension. (via Sereneworx)


Emotubbles | DownloadEmotubbles is a new way to express your emotions. The word “Emotubbles” is the union of two words: Emotions and Bubbles. (via Supratim Nayak)


Shrek Emoticons | Download13 Shrek emoticons free download with 70 x 70 dimension. (via Leon Gao )


Tango Emotes | DownloadMore than 20 emoticons full size (600×600) customizable with the PSD file integrated. (via Dorian Filippi)


Tango Emotes – Devil Extension | DownloadContains Devil’s PSD file large size (600×600), which can be customized. (via Dorian Filippi)


Say Emoticons | Download28 “Say” emoticons for free download. (via Lokidest)


BlueMoticons | Download30 expressive mofos bluemoticons PSD file for download. (via Manicho)


Emotion Icons | Download14 emotion icons for free download with Windows, Mac and Linux version. (via YellowIcon)


Yolks | DownloadIn the pack there is 40 emoticons with random expressions and characters. (via Bad-Blood)


Yolks 2 | DownloadAnother new 41 Yolks emoticons with bigger canvas 256×256 and addional hair. (via Bad-Blood)


Vista Style Emoticons Icons | DownloadVista Style Emoticons Icons with 256 x 256px and 48 x 48px dimensions.(via Icons-Land)


Very Emotional Emoticons | Download40 PNG and ICO smiles for Very Emotional Emoticons with 128 x 128, 64 x 64 and 32 x 32. (via LazyCrazy)


Chibi Marluxia Emoticons | DownloadThese are Chibi Marluxia Emoticons the author made for the MSN/Windows Live instant messengers. There are 24 50×50 pixel animated emoticons in this set. (via Yvonne)


Chibi Xion Emoticons | DownloadThese are emoticons of Xion, a character from Kingdom Hearts 358/2. (via Yvonne)


Bunny Emoticon Pack | Download30 bunny expressions emoticons pack. (via Aimee5)


55 Blue Animated Emoticons | Download55 blue animated emoticons for free download. (via Ceativesplash)


Emoticon X Final | DownloadDownload all the separate emoticons with transperant backrounds. (via Tony)


Emoticon Starter Pack | DownloadEmoticons kit for beginners. All you have to do is cut and paste the different parts of the emoticon and you have an emoticon! (via Wooded Wolf)


DA Emote Set | DownloadAlmost every DA emote is in this set, excluding admin emotes (except core admin, they’re included), bullets, stars, etc. (via Devart-Critic)


One Piece Emotions | DownloadOne piece emotions with 19 gif files. (via Kirozeng)


Kemonoart Emoticon Pack | DownloadAll of these emoticons were made to go with the Official Kemonoart Forum skin. (via Morningstar)


Jimo | DownloadJimo is a pack of 15 simple emoticons. Inside the download you’ll find a Adium Emoticon Set, the 15 emoticons as plain PNGs and a base PSD to create your own emoticons. (via Ebcube)


52 Emoticons Pack | Download52 animated emoticons pack with 12 different colors available. (via Creativesplash)


Emoticons 4 | Download11 emoticons, 5 animated and 6 static. (via Ransie)