10 Tools to Create Custom Emoji

Emojis are a quintessential part of our digital conversation, adding emotions and expressions to our dull messages. People find so many clever ways to use emojis, however, there still may come a time when you won’t find the right emoji to express your true feelings. Well, for those who find their emoji collection to be lacking, creating custom emojis is now quite possible.

There are quite a lot of tools available that will let you create custom emojis, using your own photos or editable designs. And in this article, I’ll list the best of these tools on different mediums with which anyone can create emojis that really express their feelings.

Mobile Apps

Let’s start off with some custom emoji creating smartphone apps that will help you create custom emojis right inside your phone.


Bitmoji basically lets you create a customizable avatar of yourself that you can later edit to express your feelings your way. It’s one of the best avatar creation tools that is highly customizable with hundreds of stickers available that your avatar can use to create the perfect emoji.

Your creations can be saved and shared with all the popular social media apps. On top of that, it has a dedicated feature for Snapchat that lets you combine your emoji with your friend’s emoji for additional fun.


Download Bitmoji for Android | iOS

Emoji Maker

I really liked Emoji Maker’s huge design collection along with the ability to create emojis from your photos. It has thousands of emoji designs that you can customize to create your own emoji.

You can merge multiple designs to create unique emojis and save them for later use. Interestingly, it supports iKeyboard and Kika Keyboard to let you save and directly send emojis using your phone’s keyboard.

emoji maker

Download Emoji Maker for Android

Smiley Creator Free

Similar to Emoji Maker, Smiley Creator Free also offers thousands of designs to let you create your own custom emoji. However, one feature that you’ll surely love is “Random Emoji” with which you can make random combinations to create a new emoji. The app claims to have up to 400,000 unique combinations, which should be enough to never let you get bored.

smiley creator

Download Smiley Creator Free for Android

GIPHY Stickers

GIPHY Stickers focuses on offering a huge collection of animated stickers for you to use. It also has a built-in custom emoji maker that uses any photo you provide it to create an emoji.

You can also use animations to bring your custom emojis to life. Moreover, GIPHY Stickers has special integration with iMessage to let you use your keyboard to send the custom emojis using iMessage.

giphy stickers

Download GIPHY for Android | iOS

Emoji Maker

Created by Oliver Saylor, this is a robust emoji creator app that has one of the biggest emoji design collection and amazing customization capabilities. Its design collection allows you to create emojis with over 258 million unique combinations. You can customize almost every part of the emoji body, including eyes, hair, mouth, color, arms, and legs, etc.

emoji maker by oliver saylor

Download Emoji Maker for iOS

Online Tools

If you prefer creating emojis online, then there are a handful of tools for that too. However, they might be a bit limited when it comes to designs as compared to the smartphone apps. Still, they are quite easy to use and customize.


Labeley offers a bunch of tools to create custom stickers, as well as its own collection of emojis. The collection isn’t too extensive, but the interface is easy to use and gives reliable customization options.

You can choose different backgrounds, faces, eyebrows, accessories, and shapes, etc. to create an emoji and download it. You can also print your creations, however for a fee.


PiZap Emoji Maker

The popular photo editor PiZap has a cool emoji maker tool that offers high-quality emoji designs. The emoji maker is flash based and lets you create emojis using drag-and-drop functionality.

The emoji designs are really sleek and there are hundreds of them available allowing you to create thousands of unique combinations. However, some of the designs can only be used in the paid version.

pizap emoji maker


Emotiyou lets you create animated emojis from the photos you provide. There is a simple 4 step process where you upload, crop, animate and download the emoji created. The emoji can also be made public for everyone to see and you can browse the gallery to see emojis created by other users.



Based on the animated movie The Secret Life of Pets, PetMOJI lets you create customizable cat and dog emojis that you can find in the movie itself. The pet body parts are completely customizable and you can change body, nose, ears, eyes, tail, color, and patterns, etc. You can create as many pets as you like and collect and share them.

Best of all, you can create pets online or use its Android and iOS apps to create petmojis on your smartphone. If you really like them, you can also use the built-in PetMOJI keyboard to directly send the emojis from your smartphone keyboard.


Create emojis in Slack

If you are a Slack user, then you can also create custom emojis right inside Slack and use them in chats. To create a custom emoji, click on the team menu and select "Customize Slack" from it.

create emojis in slack

Here under the Emoji tab, you can enter the name of the emoji and upload an image that Slack will turn into emoji. The image must be below 128 pixels and below 64KB max size. Once uploaded, Slack will adjust its size perfect enough to fit into the Slack text box so you could easily use it.

create emojis in slack 2


I will recommend Bitmoji and Emoji Maker by Oliver Saylor for creating custom emojis as both of these apps are highly customizable and have a great collection of designs. Also, emojis created by these apps are usually in image format. So be careful while sending them via text message as it may incur charges if you don’t have an unlimited plan.

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