50 Amazing Wildlife & Animal Wallpapers

From the carnivorous cat family to majestic killers like sharks and whales that dominates the sea, wildlife animals are in fact more important rather than just being part of the ecosystem. They greatly inspire almost every industry. One of the closest examples would be Apple’s cat-naming convention for their operating systems.

Let’s get our desktop wild, here are 50 Amazing Wildlife and Animals Wallpapers. Full list after jump. Check out our gallery for more wallpapers.

Sacred Spirit Lion
via donaldsart

Lion in Grass
via Beverly Joubert

Lion King
via mazhear

Golden Love
via BloodHowl

Lioness and Cub
via Mitsuaki Iwago

White Bangal Tigers

Tiger: The King
via isabelle-teixeira

via Kou-Ryuu

Tiger Wallpaper
via rayansales

African Cheetah
via Chris Johns

Illusions of Desire – Cheetah
via donaldsart

Jaguar and Cub Relax
via Steve Winter

via donaldsart

Cheetah Mom and Cub
via Chris Johns

Rare Snow Leopard
via Michael Nichols

The Predator
via donaldsart

via KurtzGB

Mystic Wolf

Gray Wolf in the Snow
via Joel Sartore

Polar Fox

Hill Horses

Leopard Zebra

Deer River

via Des and Jen Bartlett

Rhino View
via emailandthings

Sparring Polar Bears
via Flip Nicklin

via GerardsHouseOfWolves

Green Tree Frogs
via John Eastcott and Yva Momatiuk

Military Sand Dragon
via Jason Edwards

King Cobra With Head Raised
via Mattias Klum

Bald Eagle
via Michael Melford

Bald Eagle
via Cycoze

Flock of Seagulls

via V. Sharma

via Frans Lanting

Raptor Away

via George F. Mobley

via Frans Lanting


Bottlenose Dolphins

Dolphins in Ocean

via vladstudio

Dolphin Moon
via Tsukku

Killer Whale Breaching
via Gerard Lacz

Whale Shark
via Brian Skerry

Australian Sea Lions
via David Doubilet

Hammerhead Shark

Caged Bluefin Tuna
via Brian J. Skerry