15 Calming Color Palette and Tile Wallpapers

We all love looking at beautiful things, and while beauty is subjective, it is hard to go wrong with colors. If however, you find single color or two-tone wallpapers boring you, perhaps it is time to try color palette and tile wallpapers instead. It is abstract, strangely calming and doesn’t scream for attention like other wallpapers do.

If you are looking for wallpapers that will not divert your attention away from what is at the screen, this is the post for you. We have here 15 color palette and tile wallpapers for a variety of sizes, both on desktop and mobile. Name your favorites in the comments!

For desktops

color palette
pixel wash
pixel matrix
parallel wallpaper
parallel wallpaper
parallel wallpaper

For phones and tablets

cuben space
cuben space opelia
cuben space pandora
cuben space titan
flower of life
geometric wallpaper
chris locke
chris locke
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