Aurora Borealis Wallpapers [Wallpaper Wednesday]

Have you ever witnessed the night sky illuminated with northern lights? The beautiful emissions of light scattered all over the sky, painting the scene of a perfect magical night. While some of us may not have the opportunity to experience this wonderful natural phenomenon in person, you can, at the very least, enjoy having such a beautiful scenery as your desktop wallpaper.

For this week’s Wallpaper Wednesday, we’ve got for you a compilation of beautiful and amazing aurora borealis wallpapers. May you enjoy the northern light experience!

Aurora Borealis Dream. Available in various sizes.

Aurora Borealis Dream

Aurora Borealis Desktop Landscape. Available in 2560×1600.

Aurora Borealis Desktop Landscape

Winter Northern Sky. Available in 1920×1200.

Winter Northern Sky

Colorful Northern Lights. Available in 1920×1080.

Colorful Northern Lights

Alaska Northern Lights. Available in various sizes.

Alaska Northern Lights

Mountains Aurora Borealis. Available in 1920×1080.

Mountains Aurora Borealis

Natural Wonders of Northern Lights. Available in various sizes.

Natural Wonders Of Northern Lights

Aurora Skies. Available in 1920×1080.

Aurora Skies

Aurora Borealis Night Landscape. Available in various sizes.

Aurora Borealis Night Landscape

Aurora Borealis. Available in various sizes.

Aurora Borealis

Night Star Tents. Available in 1600×1200.

Night Star Tents

Purple Aurora. Available in various sizes.

Purple Aurora

Aurora Background Wallpaper. Available in 1920×1080.

Aurora Background Wallpaper

Nature’s Green Lights. Available in 1920×1200.

Nature's Green Lights

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