WordPress Theme Divi 2.4 Gets A Revamp & New Features

Version 2.4 of Divi, Elegant Themes’ flagship theme, one of the most popular WordPress themes out there, has been released. Divi 2.4 carries a number of significant enhancements, major improvements, and in some cases, total revamps.

Version 2.4 of Divi, Elegant Themes’ flagship theme, one of the most popular WordPress themes out there, has been released. Divi 2.4 carries a number of significant enhancements, major improvements, and in some cases, total revamps.

The changes are prominent in key areas such as the library function, header options, and module settings; you will find exciting new improvements in other areas as well. Overall, this upgrade increases the flexibility and versatility of this popular theme.

New Changes and Upgrades

Briefly, here are some of the upgrades and changes to expect in Elegant Theme’s brandspanking new Divi 2.4 version.

Introduction of a new Header Module The display can now fill the height and width of any browser window. Several new modules have been added to accommodate the header image and other layout elements.

Divi Library While the Saved Layouts function did its job well, it essentially served as a repository. The new addition of the Divi Library replaces this function, bringing with it great new features that are integral to the page- and post-building process.

Globalizing of Library elements This new feature saves the developer from having to keep track of element changes, contribut ing to huge time savings in the design and development process.

Introduction of the fluid grid You no longer have to be constrained with grid sizes that may not give you what you want. Go fluid and become more productive with Divi using fluid grid.

Over 100 advanced module settings New module settings plus the introduction of module customization with CSS gives designers more versability and flexibility than before.

A user-friendly interface Divi’s page builder interface has been totally revamped to take user-friendliness up a notch.

Divi 2.4: What Enhancements Are In Store?

Virtually every one of these major improvements is of considerable importance to a web page designer, since most of these features will come into play at one time or another during the design process, resulting in savings in time and improvements in productivity, plus the availability of more options will result in greater flexibility, versatility, and design adaptability.

Advanced Settings, Custom CSS, New Header Module

Prior to 2.4, Divi’s modules could easily be customized by taking advantage of the settings available. Now hundreds of new and advanced design settings have been added, all applicable to every module. This feature adds greater flexibility to the theme without any loss of control. The control over building block settings has also been enhanced.

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The options provided to customize a module have been increased, and they have become virtually unlimited in scope, since CSS can now be entered directly into any module or building block.

The incorporation of a new fullscreen header module adds to Divi’s page building versatility as do new fullwidth and regular image, code, and Post/Page title modules.

New & Improved Customizer Increases Versatility

Divi’s Customizer has been fully revamped, removing pre-existing limitations to make room for new theme settings, display style settings and various new module settings. Row options, text styles, content and sidebar widths, to name a few, can now be more precisely and easily controlled. This translates into huge versatility gains in the manner in which pages and posts are created.

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The Divi Page and Post Builder

Divi’s page builder could always be used to create posts although the user had to make use of workarounds and put up with certain limitations in the process. With Version 2.4, all that has changed.

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The primary feature making all of this possible is the introduction of a special post title module, which places title/meta/image blocks where they should be located, saving the designer a good deal of time and effort. The show/hide post content feature and a full-width or sidebar display option are new additions that users will likely appreciate.

The Divi Page Builder Interface

The Page Builder itself has undergone a few changes, with the most noticeable and useful changes affecting the user interface. The former interface for the page builder was noted for its user friendliness but the new, reinvented page builder is even more user friendly, as it gives the user ready access to many more design options.

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The Library

Libraries are not typically exciting. They generally serve as repositories and little else. With 2.4 this has changed dramatically. Divi’s new library not only saves and stores a greater number of available layouts, including customized layouts, it stores individual sections, rows, customized modules, and other elements as well.

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Editing can now be done within the library, and as any library element is readily accessible by the page builder. The library has in essence been integrated into the page-building process.

Globalization 101

The new library globalization feature will also have a major impact on design productivity. Now, any instance of a section, row, or module residing in the library can be added to any number of layouts or pages at any time. If one of these elements is updated, all are updated in sync. This process can be accomplished both in the library and in the page builder.

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Additional improvements featured in 2.4 include a 100% fluid grid option that allows precise control, and customization of content and sidebar width and column spacing. New navigational options have been added to the Customizer including a higher number of drop-down menu, logo, background color, text size and style options.

Getting The Latest Divi Version

The pros certainly outweigh the cons by a considerable extent. In fact, it is difficult to find anything to dislike about this latest version. The learning curve is a near plateau, and user documentation makes it easy for a novice to cope with the huge variety of features and options made available.

Divi has now positioned itself as one of the most flexible and versatile WordPress themes on the market, if not the most. If you have been using other themes up until now, or if you are about to become a first-time user, Divi 2.4 is highly recommended.

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