10+ WordPress Group Buying Themes And Plugins

In this post, we're featuring the best WordPress themes and plugins that enable you to start your own successful group buying website.

Group buying is one of the hottest trends in online shopping arena these days. And why wouldn’t it! With so many websites offering bulk deals at incredibly low prices, everyone wants to be that clever guy who got the better deal – and this is what brings these websites so much profit.

So, if you want to be a part of this bandwagon by launching your own group buying website, then what’s stopping you?

Well, the missing link between you and your successful group buying website is an ideal WordPress themes and useful plugins. So, in this post, I’m featuring the best WordPress themes and plugins that enable you to start your own successful group buying website. Let’s take a look.

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1. DealPress

DealPress transforms your site to a group buying website that offers various fully-functional features. The theme makes it easier for you to post deals and write blog posts to attract organic traffic. An interesting feature is, it supports numerous payment gateways to help you monetize your deal site and charge the members.

Moreover, DealPress offers native support for Google Maps and Google Analytics that helps you to track your site’s traffic and user engagement. Last but not the least, it also integrates well with social networks like Facebook and Twitter to help grow popularity. ($69.99)


2. Daily Deal

Daily Deal is a featureful coupon theme that helps to create deal sites. You can create various types of coupons and sweepstakes and customize homepage as needed. Using its “Submit Deal” form, you can even allow your users to submit deals. Also, you can customize the submission form, add different types of deals, and configure email notifications.

An interesting feature is, it includes a built-in blog so that you can provide updates on the latest or upcoming coupons and offers. Last but not the least, the theme includes an affiliate module to build and manage affiliates and supports several payment gateways. ($59)

Daily Deal

3. Clipper

Clipper comes with easy monetization tools and features to earn by creating a coupon website. I found a unique feature called custom write panel, which lets you easily edit the vouchers from the admin dashboard. With its submit coupon form, you can easily accept coupons from your visitors and list them on your site.

Along with custom schemes and layouts, Clipper also offers support for child themes and avails an API for customizing its functionality. Moreover, you can import coupons from other systems, manage ads, and check out statistics about daily views. ($69)


4. Couponer

Couponer is a discount and coupon theme which can be customized with multiple options. You can easily create vouchers and show daily deals to your visitors. The theme offers premium design, membership features, unlimited colors, and more.

Also, you can restrict coupons and discounts to members and opt for more configuration options. You can add widgets like coupon text, coupon social, coupon categories, newsletters, etc., and use its page templates to create pages. Moreover, the theme offers various coupon listing options, numerous custom post types, etc. ($49)


5. WooCommerce Group & Daily Deals

WooCommerce Group & Daily Deals is a mobile-ready plugin that allows creating groups and different types of deals. The deals can be easily customized based on the categories of customers and you can also schedule the deals to promote on select days only. Another exciting feature is that it makes your site translation-ready.

This plugin offers a lot more configuration options like it lets you assign limited time for a deal and you can customize the front-end display of the deals. Moreover, it can also generate detailed reports, an unusual feature which I find missing in few other plugins. ($21)

WooCommerce Group & Daily Deals

6. CouponHut

CouponHut is a coupon-specific theme for WordPress that comes with a clean, responsive design, allowing you build deal and coupon sites. You can add percentage based discounts, expiry dates, and time triggered events to your coupons – a fantastic feature I find only in this theme. Also, it provides various ad blocks to display ads.

Moreover, there is an integrated rating system that allows people to give and view ratings for every deal. I also liked its powerful front-end search functionality, which provides various filters to users, helping them to look for deals or coupons as easily as possible. ($69)


7. CouponXL

CouponXL is optimized for creating websites to sell coupons, deals, and offers. I found it amazing that one can enable its membership system and manage affiliates and other members. You can even allow them to showcase their deals and products.

Moreover, the theme supports various types of coupons, different fee schemes, multiple types of deals, and many more customization options. Another interesting feature is, it integrates well with PayPal and more payment gateways. And you can also allow social profile signups and view statistics about visits, clicks, and more. ($49)

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8. WooCommerce Group Buy and Deals

WooCommerce Group Buy and Deals plugin works as an extension to the WooCommerce plugin mentioned above on this list. This extension helps to design group-buying sites which work exactly like Groupon and are heavily customizable as well.

You can set up a deals site in less than an hour using this plugin and start showing deals and promotions to your visitors. You can show or hide deals for a specific time, use plenty of supported shortcodes, and configure more options using this plugin. Moreover, you can let your users view active and purchased deals on their ‘My deals’ page. ($21)

WooCommerce Group Buy and Deals

9. Kupon

Kupon helps you create terrific-looking coupons and deals site and sell physical as well as digital products. The theme offers numerous premium features that save you from buying premium plugins, for example, daily deals marketplace support and a feature to track failed deals and fund money manually for them.

The theme supports child theme and multisite network, which I find is absent in other themes. Moreover, with some of its paid extensions, you can enable gift certificates, allow users to shop with the booking feature, and do a lot more. ($59)


10. WooCommerce

WooCommerce by Automattic has immense support for all kinds of products; thus it is an ideal choice for building group-buying sites. Moreover, this tool is extensible through plugins, allowing you to add or remove features as and when required.

A fantastic feature I see is, you can quickly make your site accessible to the whole world with WooCommerce, thanks to its support for multiple languages and 140+ region-specific payment gateways. Last but not the least, it is an open-source product, so you can customize its source to meet your needs if its features are not enough. (Free)


11. WP eCommerce

WP eCommerce is another e-commerce solution that supports extensive customizations and provides marketing tools to take your group-buying site to the next level. Because it has provision for dozens of payment gateways like eProcessing Network, XERO, AffiliateWP, etc., you can conveniently process payments across the globe.

Surprisingly, WP eCommerce supports multisite environments too unlike some other plugins and provides multilingual support as well. Moreover, you can manage your listings with its powerful inbuilt tools and integration with the popular courier services. (Free)

WP eCommerce

12. WP Coupons and Deals

WP Coupons and Deals is a lightweight plugin to showcase deals and coupons on your website. A unique feature I see is that it provides a live preview of a coupon while inserting it in the post straight from the post editor. You can also categorize the coupons and show your exclusive coupons and deals anywhere on the site using widgets.

Moreover, the plugin also lets you set and display expiration dates of your coupons, which is another great option. Some of its pro features include options to hide coupons, create coupons using templates, and show or hide coupons conditionally. (Free)

WP Coupons and Deals

13. Affiliate Coupons

Affiliate Coupons helps you earn money through affiliate referral offers by promoting product vouchers and deals. An interesting feature I see is, you can link your coupons to vendors to categorize them and display them easily using a shortcode.

The vendors can be created with predefined affiliate links. Also, there are multiple options to sort your coupons and many configuration options to customize the look and feel of them. (Free)

Affiliate Coupons

14. Woocommerce Role Pricing

Woocommerce Role Pricing plugin provides an option to set rates and discounts according to the role of the viewer. While visiting your site, every customer can view the store with or without discounted prices – a unique feature that sets this plugin apart from others.

You can set direct discounts to editors, subscribers, or customers, and choose between applying discounts or amounts based on regular price or sale price. Also, its premium edition offers many more features such as providing discounts by variables or categories. (Free)

Woocommerce Role Pricing

15. WPGroupbuy

WPGroupbuy allows the creation of a beautiful and flexible deal website. A unique feature of this plugin is, it lets your users create business accounts and submit deals and track sales directly on your website. Moreover, you can even view advanced reports and stats, and export the report data to a CSV too.

Another feature that makes your job easier is, it supports multiple payment gateways and on-site credit card payment methods as well. Also, its localization support on top of former feature helps you to design multilingual site and sell deals in multiple regions. ($99)


16. Deals

Deals is a fully functional theme incorporating a coupon management system that lets you create and show discounts and coupons and earn money through ads. Interestingly, the theme includes a user rating and voting system that allows your visitors give their feedback and helps improve your site’s visibility.

The theme is translation ready and also brings you multiple layouts, custom menu options, various widgets, and a powerful image slider to showcase the exclusive coupons on your website. ($39)