Unbelievably Realistic Wood Sculptures by Tom Eckert [Photos]

Tom Eckert is a master sculptor who specializes in wood. What sets him apart is his uncanny ability to make his wooden sculptures look like anything but wood. In fact, some even resemble silk! Don’t take our word for it; let the sculptures speak for themselves.

We’ve curated 10 exceptional examples of Eckert’s craftsmanship from his gallery. To further prove that these works are indeed made of wood, you can watch this video. So, go ahead and hit that Share button to show your appreciation for Eckert’s extraordinary talent.

Masters of Paper Art and Paper Sculptures, Vol. 1

Masters of Paper Art and Paper Sculptures, Vol. 1

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Believe it or not, this is crafted from wood.


Yes, it’s wood. No tricks here.

marcel's shovel

With materials like basswood, linden, and limewood, Eckert can create virtually anything.

martyl's purse

Traditional painting techniques add to the illusion, emphasizing features like the softness of fabric.

night watch

Believe it or not, the book is not supported from below. It’s ‘levitating‘ due to the rigid cloth over it. Seems like an optical illusion, doesn’t it?

conjuring book

As mentioned earlier, it’s truly mesmerizing!

rising of the sphere

Tom Eckert never fails to astonish his audience. This piece serves as compelling evidence of his artistic philosophy.


Visually, it appears as if this napkin is frozen in time. However, it’s actually a single wooden sculpture.


The reason many sculptures resemble cloth is that cloth has characteristics completely opposite to wood. This makes it easier to create visual deception, especially if you’re Tom Eckert.

wall rags

It all began with a relentless passion for creation, which evolved into these extraordinary sculptures. In short, it’s legendary.

still life

If you’re impressed, you can explore more of Tom Eckert’s work in his gallery.