Wickedly Deceptive Wood Sculptures by Tom Eckert [Photos]

Tom Eckert is a sculptor who embraces traditional methods to carve and paint wood pieces into sculptures, except you can’t tell that his sculptures are made of wood. You see, he has this amazing ability to make them look like other materials, most amazingly silk! I know it’s hard to believe, so I will let these sculptures prove it to you.

Below we have selected 10 superb examples of his skill from his gallery. To show you that these sculptures are made of wood, check out this video. Stop rubbing your eyes and start hitting that Share button. Show Eckert your love for his maddening superpower.

Masters of Paper Art and Paper Sculptures, Vol. 1

Masters of Paper Art and Paper Sculptures, Vol. 1

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This is made of wood. ‘Nuff said.


Yup, still wood.

marcel's shovel

Eckert can transform the wood (mostly basswood, linden and limewood) into anything he wants.

martyl's purse

Part of the magic is made possible by traditional painting techniques to emphasize the object’s physical characteristics, such as the softness of cloth.

night watch

Mind you, there’s no any support under the book, it’s ‘levitating‘ aka held up by the stiff cloth over it. Looks like magic, doesn’t it?

conjuring book

Like I said, magic!

rising of the sphere

Tom Eckert will always go one step beyond to trick the audience, and this masterpiece is the best evidence for his work principle.


From a visual perspective, it looks like this napkin is frozen in time, but they are in fact, a single wood sculpture.


The reason that most sculptures are in cloth form is because cloth has completely opposite characteristic to wood, thus it’s easier to achieve visual deception. But only if your name is Tom Eckert.

wall rags

It all started with a passion to always create something, then it’s turned into sculptures, then magic, then legen-wait-for-it-dary.

still life

Impressed? You can visit Tom Ecker’s gallery for more.

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