Top 10 Websites to Find Your Zen Online

In our day-to-day life, we encounter many situations that can lead to stress and agitation. It might be the challenge of dealing with certain clients, the pressure of an approaching deadline, or just the general hustle and bustle. While there are many ways to seek solace, what do you do when you’re stuck at your desk with no time to spare?

Luckily, the internet offers a solution.

There are websites specially designed to help you find tranquility and peace. Through engaging visuals and calming sounds, among other methods, they offer a quick yet effective escape from stress. If you’re in need of some swift and efficient relaxation techniques, here’s our curated list of 10 websites that can help soothe your nerves. They’ve certainly been a great help to me, and I hope they’ll be the same for you.



Calm lives up to its name by offering you a choice between “guided calm” and a simple “timer” for your relaxation session, lasting anywhere from 2 to 20 minutes.

For those who prefer guidance, a soothing voice will lead you through techniques to relax both your body and mind. If you’re short on time and prefer something quick, the “timer” option is for you. The ambiance is enhanced by background music paired with beautiful nature scenes, such as a misty riverside or sunlight filtering through clouds.

There’s also a free iOS app with limited features available.

Do Nothing For 2 Minutes

do nothing for 2 mins

As the name suggests, this site challenges you to simply listen to wave sounds for two minutes without touching your keyboard or mouse. Fail, and you’ll have to start over.

It’s a simple concept, but this brief pause can be just what you need to reset. There’s an app available for iOS users who find these two minutes of doing nothing particularly beneficial.

A Soft Murmur

soft murmur

A Soft Murmur is a user-friendly website that allows you to craft your own ambient sound mix. Choose from rain, singing bowls, or the cozy crackle of a fireplace among 10 different sounds. Mix them to create your perfect working or relaxing environment.

These sounds can help you concentrate better on your work.



Noisli creates an ambiance with background sounds like coffee shop buzz, the whir of a fan, white noise, and more, all adjustable to fit your mood. The site’s colors change to match the sound’s mood, enhancing your experience.

It also features a Text Editor for distraction-free writing, with the option to save your work. An iOS app is available, allowing you to take Noisli’s calming effects wherever you go.

raining fm

For those who find solace in the sound of rain, offers various rain sounds to help you relax. The looping is so seamless, you’ll feel as if you’re listening to a continuous rain shower.

Additional features include an image slideshow, a quick break reminder, and a timer to stop the sound. The reminder is handy for taking short breaks, and there’s a app available for both iOS and Android users.

My Noise

my noise is your digital sanctuary for focus, relaxation, and sleep. Dive into a vast collection of soundscapes, from nature sounds to ambient music, all designed to create your ideal audio environment.

This ad-free site respects your privacy, offering an oasis of sound to enhance productivity, meditation, sleep, and more.

Whether you need to block out distractions, find tranquility, or just enjoy a moment of peace, is your go-to audio haven.

Pixel Thoughts

pixel thoughts offers a unique 60-second meditation tool designed to help clear your mind. Simply input a stressful thought into the star, and watch as the tool guides you through a calming process, aiming to leave you feeling less stressed and more connected.

It’s a quick, effective way to find a moment of peace in your busy day.

Rainy Mood

rainy mood

Rainy Mood is the internet’s favorite destination for rain sounds, cherished by millions for sleeping, studying, and relaxing. It offers a soothing rain experience that makes everything better.

You can enjoy Rainy Mood’s calming effect through its free web version or enhance your experience with additional features by trying the iOS/Android app.

Also available on Spotify and Apple Music, Rainy Mood turns any moment into a serene rain-soaked sanctuary.’s LiveCam

explore live cams offers a captivating live cam at Bergin University, showcasing their Service Dog Program.

This unique view provides a glimpse into the training and development of service dogs, highlighting their importance and the dedication involved in preparing them for their roles in assisting individuals., known for its philanthropic live nature cam network, brings the soul of humanity closer by championing selfless acts and inspiring lifelong learning.

This live cam is just one of many that allow viewers to watch nature and nurturing unfold in real time.


this is sand

Thisissand is a creative playground that transforms your screen into a canvas for sand art. With a simple start, you can pour virtual sand to create and share mesmerizing landscapes and intricate layers of colors and textures.

Available on both computers and mobile devices, Thisissand offers a unique outlet for artistic expression and relaxation, inviting users to watch as their digital sandscapes come to life.