15 Captivating Web Design Ideas to Increase User Engagement (2023)

"Explore 15 innovative web design ideas for 2023 to boost user engagement; from parallax scrolling to custom illustrations, and more!

A recent study published on Research Gate reveals that 94% of first impressions are related to websites. In many instances, a website may be the first point of contact between a brand and its customer, serving as the digital equivalent of a handshake.

Intuitive web design acts as a captivating opus for visitors and holds the power to convert them into loyal customers.

Moreover, using attractive and engaging web design elements can enhance your brand identity. However, you can’t construct a website by choosing a layout randomly. Attention to detail is indispensable!

So, what contributes to an enthralling web design? It’s the incorporation of the latest web design ideas into your website in 2023 to increase user engagement.

We are here to present 15 influential web design ideas!

15 Elements of Web Design Brilliance in 2023

Let’s start with the most inspirational one!

1. Parallax Scrolling

Imagine the foreground and background content moving at different speeds while you scroll. This is what parallax scrolling is all about! It makes the browsing experience feel creative and fun.

Parallax effect on okalpha.co

So, why not make the site navigation process more exciting with amusing scrolling effects? The most prevalent scrolling web design ideas include horizontal, scroll-triggered, and parallax zoom effects.

These effects are playful and can increase the time a user spends on your website. Who knows, they might even convert into leads!

2. Attractive Colored Gradients

Gradient styles can enhance the simplistic design of your site. The mixed hues and tones give the aesthetic feel and boost the mood of the visitors even when they prefer silent browsing.

attractive colored gradients
Absolutely thrilling color gradients in the background on Symodd.com

Recently, pastel shades have been the hot pick in gradients. The subtle and bright color palette adds perfectly to a modern web design and is quite helpful in establishing the unique feel of your brand.

3. Gamification

Gamification allows you to make your website a captivating playground of interactivity. You can enable your users to unleash the online platform brimming with game-inspired mechanics, enchanting infographics, mesmerizing sign-up forms, etc., to turn every click into an ultimate experience.

Habitica is using an overt form of gamification.
4. Y2K Aesthetics

The late 1990s to early 2000s inspired style is back!

Set an immersive user experience by adding motifs like flip phones, pixels, collages, and MS-DOS-like UI. Consider plastic, metallics, notebook paper, and fur textures for graphic designs. You can also choose block type, bubble writing, and thick, chunky fonts.

We love the Y2K aesthetics used on DigiValet.

Amidst the fast-growing technological world, nostalgia is a way of escape for many. This fun and futuristic theme will be a throwback journey for your audience.

5. Product Photography

What’s hot with product photography? Though the practice is common, movements adding to surrealism are not. Levitations make this web design trend ideal if you are into skincare, healthcare, or luxury niche.

Close shot-ups on Amanda Campeau.

Product photography authorizes you to directly highlight your services. The target audience falls for your site as this theme has a wow factor, hopefully!

6. Minimalistic Layout

For those who don’t prefer a flashy site, minimalist design is a way to go. Minimalist aesthetics requires limited color palettes with only crucial elements to accentuate the looks of a website. You can create an unconventional style by adding quirky fonts and modern illustrations to white space.

product photography
Inkyy has set the bar high.

The simplistic, uncluttered web design allows visitors to make instant decisions.

7. Micro Animation

In 2022, the global animation market amounted to more than 391 US Billion dollars. Though animation is already echoing through the ages, technology is adding all-new elements. Since users have short attention spans, add a simple-yet-catchy animation design to engage visitors for longer.

MA True Cannabis is captivating users through its micro animation.

Subtle animated features like changing gradient hues, twinkling stars, artsy visuals, an animated mouse cursor, or a sticky main menu will do the trick.

8. 3D Elements

3D elements are witnessing full bloom in 2023. You can merge 3D visuals with minimalist designs for a distinct yet engrossing user experience. Creating an unrealistic scenery with abstract details can convey your brand story.

3D elements
Vev Design got some heavy 3D elements.

Visually heavy images, interactive features, and dynamic effects will make your websites more appealing and draw in more visitors.

9. Quizzes With Extensive Appeal

Engaging quizzes are universally cherished by visitors that reveal intriguing aspects about themselves. No wonder you, too, have dedicated some hours to exploring these challenges.

BuzzFeed has a lot of quizzes to choose from.

This is your call to add a quirky trend to your website design with captivating quiz challenges, as embedding them can make your website look promising and personalized.

10. Minimal Vintage

Vintage never fades! When you combine it with minimal designs, it is a virtual treat, adding to the unique appeal of your web portal. The minimal vintage theme emphasizes a retro-type style and colors. But at the same time, it resonates deeply with modern sensibilities.

minimal vintage
Louis Browns uses the minimal vintage brilliantly.

It creates a nostalgic and memorable experience, adding elegant simplicity with a modern touch for your visitors.

11. Dark Mode

An eye-friendly web design trend! This decade has shown the paradigm shift towards wellness. With the rise of health-conscious people, the dark mode trend is emerging. Dark mode reduces eye strain and creates a relaxing environment for your visitors while browsing the site.

dark mode
The Moody Doula allows switching to dark mode with a single click.

Add a creative ability of customization where they can turn on the dark mode as per their convenience and smoothly elevate the experience of visitors on your website.

The dark mode allows designers to unlock their creative skills by integrating complementary design elements.

12. Accessibility

The accessibility trend is all-inclusive! It tears down the barriers hindering engagement.

The web-accessible design embraces diversity by creating an easy-to-navigate site for differently-abled users. They can quickly interact and know your business just like all of us.

BBC sets an example of a top-notch accessible website.

Use proper font sizes and color contrasts. Pay attention to the alternative text, keyboard navigation, labels, and instructions.

If inclusivity is your business vision, site accessibility should be a priority.

13. Personalized Chatbots

Create a chatbot tailored to your customer’s needs. Fostering a quick chatbot service enhances customer satisfaction, and it works like a trusted confidant.

Your site visitors may have a few queries about your product or service, or they all may have a very common question in general. Quick chat support can respond to their requests within a few seconds.

personalized chatbot
NYKAA‘s chatbot is customized in accordance with your personal preferences.

So include AI-powered, highly personalized chatbots for a responsive and interactive environment on your website.

14. Custom Illustrations

Let creativity dance through the digital canvas. You can create a website reflecting the bespoke custom illustrations and let it tell the story virtually. The trend has been growing for a long but caught the attention currently due to the added elements and concepts.

custom illustrations
ExpressionEngine evokes depth through its illustrative web design.

Look beyond stock images and graphics. With the customized theme, you can elevate your brand’s narratives and connect with your prospects faster.

Choose from freehand and 3D to animated illustrations. Custom illustrations have evocative power.

15. Typography

Previous typography trends are not capable of catching the audience’s attention anymore. So designers can use something very different from their conventional use of elements.

Creative designers must keep an eye on the latest typography trends to influence the buying decisions for content-rich websites. Enough to mark the next chapter in the web design trends, typography is drastically increasing.

Owltastic is setting major goals for typographic elements.

From art-deco revival to vintage narrow serifs, they have become the talk of the town. You can experiment with font styles to create distinct web designs for a specific business. Liquid chrome and iconographic mashups are irresistible!


We hope that the above-mentioned web design ideas leave you inspired and serve as guideposts to try something different yet fascinating.

Let yourself iterate, experiment, and push your concise boundaries to give an easy-to-navigate experience to your users. Whether it is web accessibility or Y2K aesthetics, they forge deeper connections and hold the potential to elevate the website to a higher level.