URL Shortening Services, The Ultimate List

[March 9, 2016] Update: Due to the changing nature of this topic, this post has been updated with new content.

URL shortening services keeps things short and sweet and easily shareable in conversations, forum threads, social media etc. Some services are used to hide affiliate links or to bypass firewalls that block websites according to URLs.

If you’re bored with the regular services, know that the Internet is home to plenty of other options, and in this post we have 40 of them, most of which you probably have not heard of. Some of them offer more than just shorten-url-to-go services. We’ve briefly listed these options in a column but if you want to know more, do check out the services and try them out for size.

By the way, if you know of more URL shortening services, let us know.

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40 URL Shortening Services

Service Name After shortened (sample) More Options? Bookmarklet API
7.ly http://7.ly/mJdF Validity time, custom Short-URL, password Yes Yes
http://adf.ly/ http://adf.ly/1W5Afz No No
http://admy.link/ http://admy.link/e8e607 No No
http://al.ly/ http://al.ly/c8s7a Custom alias, password, description, geotargetting, URL redirect No
http://bc.vc/ http://bc.vc/rRokjf No No
http://bit.do/ http://bit.do/hkdc Custom short link No
http://doiop.com/ http://doiop.com/hkdc Custom short link No
http://fur.ly/ http://fur.ly/ct2u Custom short link No
http://good.ly/ http://fave.co/1Ke5cL1 No Yes
http://is.gd/ http://is.gd/dxJMSL Custom short link, standard / lower case, log statistic No Yes
linkmoji http://🌽🚀📦🍉🍎🐹🐶🍒.🍕💩.ws No No
http://lnked.in/ http://lnked.in/hongkiat Custom short URL, password protect No
http://lynk.my/ http://lynk.my/rn7X No No
http://mcaf.ee/ http://mcaf.ee/bf93wz No No
http://ouo.io/ http://ouo.io/JStia No No
http://ow.ly/url/shorten-url http://ow.ly/YJxa1 No No Yes
http://ph.dog/ http://ph.dog/pf7r No No
http://qr.net/ http://qr.net/by8dR custom Short-URL, validity, password for statistic, QR code enabled Yes Yes
http://s.id/ http://s.id/OO No No
http://shrinkee.com/ http://shrinkee.com/yj7z Custom URL, password, expiry date, total uses No Yes
http://shrinkurl.in/ http://shrinkurl.in/s17xS Custom alias, password, description, geotargetting, URL redirect No
http://sptfy.com/ http://sptfy.com/2a06 Custom URL, password, expiry date, total uses, public / private URL No
http://thinfi.com/ http://thinfi.com/xsd No No
http://tiny.cc/ http://tiny.cc/y9dh9x Custom URL, log stat No
http://tinyurl.com/ http://tinyurl.com/ps7a8m Custom alias Yes
http://tny.im/ http://tny.im/3QC Custom keyword, custom title, click limit, time limit Yes Yes
http://urlkr.com/ http://flic.kr/p/e4aQGJ No No
http://v.gd/ http://v.gd/v42lvX Custom short link, standard / lower case, log statistic No Yes
http://y2u.be/ http://y2u.be/j4dMnAPZu70 Short URL and very short URL No Yes
http://zi.ma/ http://zi.ma/tajk83/ Custom URL No Yes
http://zzb.bz/ http://zzb.bz/hongkiat Custom URL, password protect, description Yes Yes
https://adfoc.us/ http://adfoc.us/x57698211 No No
https://bitly.com/ http://bit.ly/1VG90pk Statistic No Yes
https://coinurl.com/ http://cur.lv/vtmo8 Custom URL No
https://git.io/ https://git.io/uBJdZg No No
https://goo.gl/ http://goo.gl/wJUjQ1 No No
https://hec.su/ https://hec.su/c1Z9 No Yes Yes
https://shorte.st/ http://sh.st/EE9BN No No
https://tldrify.com http://tldrify.com/f9q No Yes
https://tr.im/ https://tr.im/SkrgZ No No Yes
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