Revamp Your MacBook with Uncover’s Laser-Cut Lid

Learn how to uncover hidden carves on your Macbook with this helpful guide. Improve your device's performance and functionality today.

Note: This post was first published on the Apr 29, 2016.

One of the most common ways users personalize their MacBooks is by applying MacBook decals and stickers to the covers of their MacBooks. Then, one of our writers introduced us to Uncover, which offers MacBook owners an extreme personalization option – carving designs directly into the MacBook cover.

We spoke to Hannah Kay, head of the design department, about Uncover and how this startup transforms generic MacBook covers into personalized art pieces.

An Amsterdam Startup

Uncover is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and has garnered a steady Dutch following, along with customers from Europe, the US, China, Japan, and beyond.

Uncover’s inception was fueled by the discovery that behind every MacBook’s backlit Apple logo is an entire backlight panel, not just a small light for the logo. This discovery was made by founder, Victor van Doorn, when he disassembled a MacBook Pro out of curiosity.

Together with Pim Schachtschabel, whom Victor met during a contest he launched to design an Uncover for the King of the Netherlands, they embarked on the venture of customizing MacBook covers, creating the startup Uncover Lab.

Of Lasers and Plexiglass

The Uncover team, comprising independent artists and designers, collaborates with MacBook owners to create a custom cut-out design.

The team begins by crafting an inlay from half-translucent plexiglass, which is then embedded into the MacBook screen’s backlit area. This process involves laser-cutting aluminum “islands” to fit into the same inlay.

Uncover Engraving Process

The chosen MacBook cover is then intricately carved using industrial laser cutters (from Dutch company, Lion Lasers) before the MacBook is reassembled, packaged, and returned to the owner.

The entire process typically takes between 2 and 4 working days, depending on the complexity of the design.

Early Adopters – A Showcase

Among Uncover’s clientele are the CEOs of well-known tech brands such as Flipboard, Snapchat, and Evernote. They have chosen to personalize their MacBooks with their company logos.

Uncover Snapchat
Uncover Evernote

Others have opted for more intricate designs. Some of Uncover’s most striking creations include designs for Wetransfer, DJ Hardwell, and Dutch soccer player Demi de Zeeuw‘s brand, Balr.

Uncover Wetransfer
Uncover Hardwell
Uncover BALR
Uncover Gentleman
Uncover BALR

Exclusivity Comes With A Price

The exclusivity of Uncover’s service comes at a significant cost. Price starts at €699. Hannah mentioned that while some newer MacBook models no longer feature the entire backlit panel, the team has still managed to provide the unique Uncover experience for these models.

Ordering Your Uncover

For clients who wish to have their current MacBooks customized (as opposed to new ones), express shipping is available. Clients simply need to finalize their design, complete the payment process, and Uncover will commence work on the plexiglass inlay. Once completed, clients are instructed to send in their MacBook. The team typically completes the customization within 48 hours of receiving the MacBook, after which it is promptly shipped back to the client.

What’s Next for Uncover?

Uncover isn’t limited to MacBooks; they also offer engraving services for iPads, wooden surfaces, wall art, cutting boards, and notebooks. They are planning to expand, with intentions to open more physical stores in other European capitals and in the US.