Give Your 13″ MacBook Air a Touchscreen with AirBar

Apple introduced a touch bar to its new MacBook Pro, however, touchscreens still remain elusive on the Mac computers. For the users who are awaiting a touch-capable MacBook, a peripheral was introduced at CES called the AirBar that will give your MacBook Air a pseudo-touchscreen of sorts.

Made specifically for the 13.3-inch MacBook Air, the AirBar is a "plug-and-touch" device. Once the AirBar is mounted on a magnet strip and plugged into an USB port, the device will emit a light field over the display that will enable touch navigation, pinch-to-zoom and scrolling gestures.


In addition to using your fingers, the AirBar also supports input from other physical objects, so you can use a standard ballpoint pen as a stylus for your MacBook Air if you want to.

airbar demo

For now, the AirBar will only be available in 13.3-inch size, meaning that those with bigger MacBook models will not be able to use it. However, the company making the AirBar has stated that it intends to expand the line to accommodate more sizes in the future. For those who are interested, the AirBar will be available for purchase in March for USD99.