Twist: The Ultimate Slack Alternative for Efficient Communication

Improve your team communication with Twist, the app by Todoist. Learn how to streamline your workflow and increase productivity today.

Team communication apps such as Slack are getting increasingly popular nowadays as they streamline communication between teams and team members. Now, the team communication app market has just gotten a new entry called Twist, created by the same folks who brought you Todoist.

However, unlike its competitors in the market, Twist’s way of approaching things is rather unorthodox.

Like Slack, with a Twist

At first glance, Twist seems to take a Slack-like approach in its layout. However, once you begin using it, you’ll soon realize that Twist doesn’t work like a regular chat app. Unlike Slack, members communicate on Twist via message board-style posts.

message board style

Twist features

Like a lot of other team communication apps, Twist comes with a free option along with the following features:

  • Users can engage in in-depth discussions, making it easier to focus on the task at hand.
  • Easy to track an active thread as notifications are sent directly to your inbox, giving users easy access to any updates.
    notification directly to your inbox
  • No online presence indicators – a feature that would lead to better productivity thanks to a lack of pings and real-time messaging.

If the platform manages to strike your fancy, you may choose to upgrade to the premium service that comes with additional features.