Turn Your Handwriting Into Fonts with MyScriptFont

With countless fonts available, it’s likely that someone else is using the same one as you. Have you ever considered creating a font that’s uniquely yours? With MyScriptFont, you can turn your beautiful handwriting into a font for personal or creative projects.

MyScriptFont enables you to generate fonts directly from your handwriting. You can design each letter of the alphabet, convert it into a functional font, and use it for all your future projects. All you need is a marker or felt-tip pen and a scanner.

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Note: MyScriptFont is no longer in service. To turn your handwriting into fonts, you can try Calligraphr instead.

1. Download the Template from MyScriptFont

Begin by visiting the MyScriptFont website to download the template. This template provides guidelines for transferring your handwriting or designs before converting them into fonts.

Download Template

Write the alphabet and numbers in your style using a black or dark blue marker. It’s crucial to use a felt-tip pen for clear results.

Handwritten Template

Once completed, scan the template at either 150dpi or 300dpi.

Ensure the scan is in grayscale, in ‘portrait’ orientation, and saved as a JPG, TIFF, or PNG file. The maximum file size is 2MB or up to 6000×9000 pixels.

2. Upload Your New Font

Next, upload the scanned template to the MyScriptFont website.

Select the desired font format—TTF, OTF, or SVG—and name your font. Click ‘Send File’ to upload.

Font Format Selection

After the conversion, you can download the new font to your computer.

3. Install Your Font

Before using your new font, it needs to be installed.

For Windows users, navigate to the ‘Control Panel’ and search for ‘Fonts’. Simply copy and paste your new font into the ‘Fonts’ directory.

Font Installation

Once installed, you can select your custom font within your applications. Here’s a preview of a font created using this method.

Font Preview


The possibilities are endless—you can create fonts for various themes like sci-fi, gothic and horror, headlines, or even cartoons and comics. Your imagination is the only limit. Will you give this font tool a try?