How to Turn TikTok Video into iPhone Ringtone

Here’s one fun iPhone tricks to know – are you tired of the limited number of default ringtones on your iPhone? Or annoyed that so many of your friends use the same ringtone as yours. How about getting a catchy ringtone from TikTok (or Douyin) and turning it into a personalized ringtone for your iPhone?

In this post, I will tell you how to turn your favorite song or music into a personalized ringtone for your iPhone. The best part is you can do everything right on your iPhone.



  1. Go to the video in TikTok you want to set as your ringtone, and download the video.
  2. download titkok video
  3. Go to the App store, search for and download the RingtoneMaker app.
  4. download ringtone maker
  5. Open RingtoneMaker, tap the + icon, and import the TikTok video you just downloaded.
  6. + icon
  7. Tap Make, and then select Garageband. This will launch the Garageband app.
  8. make select garageband
  9. In Garageband, long-press the video and tap Share.
  10. long-press share
  11. On the next screen, tap Ringtone.
  12. Finally, give it a name, and tap Export when done.
  13. rename export

That’s it. Your customized ringtone is now created and you’ll be able to apply it through your Settings app.

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