Stop Wasting Time Looking For The Ideal WordPress Theme

It takes time to find a theme that seems to meet your needs. It takes more time to check it out or find several more themes in order to make some comparisons; and you’re still not sure! Top-tier WordPress themes tend to have the features and capabilities most web designers want, beginners and old hands alike.

Just maybe, your best approach would be to settle on a couple that appear to have what you need and choose between the two. One may have something the other doesn’t but either would probably do just fine.

Any of the following top themes for 2020 will serve you quite well in terms of speed, flexibility, ease of use, key features, and quality support.

Narrow your search to these 15, find one that appeals to you most, and get started. We can practically guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

It’s not that there’s no turning back. It’s just highly unlikely you’d even think of doing so.

Happy hunting!

1. BeTheme

BeTheme, the biggest WordPress multipurpose theme of them all is a great choice for beginners and experienced web designers alike. This theme is easy for the beginner to work with and it has the features a designer who has to juggle many different clients needs to keep them satisfied.

Add the fact that if you select BeTheme you’re choosing a popular product that can boast of more than 180,000 sales.

Here’s a sampling of BeTheme’s 40+ powerful core web design features:

  • The Muffin Builder — a powerful page builder that, when used with other key features listed here makes website building quick and easy and negates any need for coding.
  • The Admin Panel — also referred to as the Options Panel, this core feature gives users a ton of flexibility. It’s a kind of “if you can think of it you can build it” tool.
  • 500+ pre-built websites to get any project off to a crazy-fast start. These professionally-crafted customizable and responsive design aids cover 30 business sectors, all the major website types, and a wide range of business niches.

“It includes a gazillion pre-installable sites as well as the Muffin layout/page builder for free.” – GwynethLlewelyn

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2. Total Theme

total theme

Total was designed for those who seek perfection rather than for those who are in a hurry. Nevertheless, if you’re in a rush to get a high-quality website up and running in a very short time, this WordPress theme is fast, flexible, and an absolute joy to work with.

Total is packed with useful features, but they won’t be a burden or slow you down. You can in fact disable any feature you don’t plan on using.

Those you definitely will want to use include:

  • A Dynamic Template function that enables you to customize layouts the way you want to
  • The WPBakery drag and drop page builder, 40+ pre-made demos and 100 page-building modules
  • A Theme Customizer you can use to change colors, fonts, and section or column widths to your heart’s content

Total is also WooCommerce and WordPress plugin friendly.

“A fantastic theme we’ve used for years. It’s light, fast, and comes with lots of features.” – expanderdigital

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3. Avada


Avada has been a best selling theme for a long time, and the #1 selling theme for the past 6 years running. While a popular theme isn’t necessarily the one you want, here are a pair of good reasons why it may warrant a close look.

  • Avada’s Dynamic Content System gives you loads of flexibility to design your site exactly as you want it to be.
  • 57 prebuilt websites, 60+ design elements, WooCommerce integration, and no coding promotes a rapid design build process.

“Great theme! As my first WordPress theme, it offers many options and continues to improve!” – nwilger

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4. Uncode

Uncode is a creative, pixel-perfect, multiuse theme. It’s ideal for creative types as well as agencies and small businesses and it’s 70 stunning design concepts will get your creative juices flowing.

Let’s skip the remaining features for now however and direct you to Uncode’s showcase of user designed websites. They, more than anything else, will demonstrate what this ThemeForest best-seller with more than 60,000 sales can do for you.

“High-quality template with a lot of features and really world-class support team.” – ParaGuru

Visit the website and the user showcase.

5. Houzez

We can’t present a meaningful variety of specialty themes in such a short article. But, we can give you a perfect example of what an outstanding specialty theme looks like — in this case a theme dedicated to the real estate industry.

Houzez’ cool features include:

  • Advanced property search
  • Flexible property listings formatting
  • A property management system

“I really love the function and the appearance of the theme.” – stuffmartusa2

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6. TheGem

TheGem is an exceptionally attractive WordPress theme. It also happens to represent, in the minds of many, the ultimate WordPress toolbox. The more than 40,000 sales to date that have made TheGem a ThemeForest best-seller would seem to bear this out.

Among its many features, TheGem can boast of:

  • More than 400 customizable design templates
  • Over 100 complete customizable websites
  • Fast and friendly 5-star support

"This multipurpose theme could make your day." – ParaGuru

High-quality template with a lot of features and really world-class support team.

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7. Typer

It’s one thing to build a publishing website in which you are the only author. It’s something quite different to build a multiple author site, which is what Typer enables you to do. Typer is well suited for authors, bloggers, and some business types. It’s super-fast, Gutenberg-optimized, requires no coding, and features the Elementor page builder.

“Theme is awesome! Exactly what I needed for my site! Support has been great too. Definitely recommend this purchase.” – chriscurran

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8. Bridge


Bridge is one of the most creative themes on the market and is in fact the best selling creative theme. With Bridge:

  • You have your choice of two awesome page builders, WPBakery and Elementor.
  • 420+ Demos to get you started
  • A huge collection of modules, plugins, design elements, and sliders

Bridge is well suited for building all types of personal and business-oriented websites.

“I’ve bought some themes on ThemeForest, but this is the one that I prefer. It’s incredible.” – joaebobe

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9. Brook

Brook is an impressively designed theme. It features a wide-ranging collection of design templates and elements, site-building plugins, and tons of shortcodes.

Brook’s main selling point may be the library of tutorial videos. You can access them to learn more about Brook to whatever level of detail you want to see if this WordPress theme is the right one to fit your needs.

“Everything on the highest level. This is the first time I get this kind of experience.” – souldisco

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10. XStore

This specialty WordPress theme is focused on all things related to WooCommerce. It may well be your best choice if that’s the web design direction you’re going or if your next project is to be an online store.

The most impressive feature may be XStore’s collection of not 1 or 2, but 80 good-to-go shops. There’s also a Header Builder and a Single Product page builder to help you along together with a useful selection of premium plugins.

“As always, a 5 star! i bought this theme the third or fourth time so far… really loving it. the new update from 6.0 is awesome.” – edvin33

Visit the site to get a head start on your next online shop.

11. Hongo

Hongo is relatively new, but as it is specially curated for creating a company website, blog, or WooCommerce store and because it is modern, multipurpose, and highly flexible it’s a welcome addition to this listing of the best themes going into 2020.

Features include:

  • 11 ready store demos with one-click import
  • 250 design templates and product sales oriented features
  • 200+ creative design elements
  • Highly rated customer support

“At the first look I was amazed with the designs, all demos and eCommerce features, but not ready to purchase as it was a new theme. But I checked about author ThemeZaa and their all products are very well built and supported. So I purchased it and now I can say my decision was absolutely correct.” – kinjalbhl

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12. Pofo

The quality of your online portfolio can definitely have an effect on the success of your business. Although Pofo is a multi-purpose theme its primary focus is to give you the wherewithal to create an attractive, professional-looking, and thoroughly engaging portfolio website.

  • Pofo is crazy-fast and SEO optimized
  • Bundles premium plugins come at no charge
  • 200+ demo pages, 25+ home pages,   150+ pre-built design elements

“I purchased this template to create my online portfolio. So far, it has been amazing! The design is very modern and looks great across all platforms. But most of all, I’m not an expert at web design and their customer support has been phenomenal.” – meganyam

Learn more before starting on your next portfolio website project.

13. Schema


There are many ways in which a multi-purpose theme could be called perfect; and a perfect choice for you. One might be what Schema brings to the table; a theme that does much of the SEO heavy lifting for you. Schema does everything else right with respect to site-building, but SEO is often a challenge, this theme:

  • Provides what search engines seek
  • Guides search engines through your site
  • Checks for clean code and page load time

“Gorgeous design, super-fast response to my question too. thank you for a wonderful theme.” – simonehow

See how you can more easily live with SEO design.

14. Leadinjection

Leadinjection is another specialized theme. It successfully tackles an issue that can sometimes present a web designer with a seemingly intractable problem — that of inserting a new page into an operational website.

Leadinjection is conversion focused and features a drag and drop builder. It’s multi-WordPress site compatible, and no coding is required.

“Easy to customize and support is great.” – fmueller01

Click on the banner if you’re managing multiple sites.

15. TheFox

The secret to building TheFox, the smartest WordPress theme on the market, was not about being clever. It was all about designing the theme down to the very minutest of detail leaving nothing to chance.

The result was a super-smart multipurpose theme that has all the essential features, ranging from premium plugins to the WPBakery page builder, WooCommerce readiness, and a strong selection of design details.

“I have been very impressed with TheFox theme. The design and customizability are great and very straight forward. The Customer support is top notch.” – bc_hughes

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WordPress is by far the most popular platform to work from. You can use it for creating engaging, professional-looking high-performance websites.

Anytime you select one of the top-of-the-line WordPress themes, whether it is multi-purpose, somewhat specialized, or highly specialized, there’s a good chance that your choice will end up making your day.

Please feel free to share this article with a fellow web designer and ask him or her to post it on social media – or do it yourself.