Streamline Your Home’s Electronics with a Smart Power Strip

In an era where we can track our health, fuel usage, and even our kids’ locations with our smartphones, let’s explore a gadget designed to enhance control over home electronics. The Smart Power Strip is a revolutionary device enabling you to remotely manage your electrical appliances via smartphone. It not only allows for remote operation but also monitors electricity consumption, highlighting energy-intensive appliances and encouraging eco-friendlier alternatives.

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How Does It Work?

The Smart Power Strip transforms a standard power strip into a smart device controllable via iOS or Android smartphones. Simply connect your appliances to the Smart Power Strip, and gain the freedom to switch them on or off from anywhere. This convenience extends beyond mere comfort, offering the ability to manage your devices remotely, with notifications for each action.

Smart Power Strip

Whether you’re lounging or working away from home, an internet connection is all you need to interact with your appliances, providing peace of mind through instant updates.

Smartphone Remote Control for Power Strip

Set A Timer

The Smart Power Strip’s timer function enhances its utility, allowing you to schedule when appliances turn off. Ideal for pre-heating your home or creating the illusion of presence while away, it offers a practical solution to everyday challenges, including settling family TV time disputes.

Timer Management with Smart Power Strip

Additionally, it provides detailed insights into the electricity consumption of connected devices, aiding in the identification and replacement of inefficient appliances.

Smart Devices

Future plans include the development of Smart Devices, such as motion detectors and various sensors, that integrate seamlessly with the Smart Power Strip, sending alerts or automating actions based on specific triggers.

Complementary Smart Devices


Currently, the Smart Power Strip is offered at an introductory price of $99 on Kickstarter, with free shipping in the US (international shipping is an additional $30). It’s slated for April 2014 delivery, retailing later at $199. Check compatibility with your local appliances and availability for UK, EU, and AU standards.

Editor’s note: Unfortunately, this Kickstarter project did not materialize.