Memoto: Smallest Wearable Camera Perfect for Lifelogging

There is no shortage of high quality cameras to record unforgettable moments in your life, but size and more importantly, wearability are areas which are still not fully-fledged. While Google Glass may be able to satisfy all accounts, the high price tag is hardly encouraging.

If you are a lifelogger or simply an enthusiast of the subject, the odds are high that you hate missing shots. With Memoto, you can snap a photo every 30 seconds, ideal for times when you really don’t want to miss a thing but don’t have your hands free to do the snapping.

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This discreet device (you can barely see it in the shot above) measures as little as 36 x 36 x 9 mm which makes it the smallest, wearable camera. And still, engineers were able to fit a 5-megapixel camera into it.

Just clip it onto your shirt and start snapping away. Memoto was built with no buttons, it just automatically snaps photos. The only way you can switch the device off is by placing it in completely dark places.

Its battery can last up to 48 hours and a micro USB-port is integrated for charging and transferring photos to the company’s servers or to local storage. Memoto also features an app for organizing your images making browsing of specific scenes a painless processes. Yes, you can also share your photos on social networks.

The kickstarter campaign of the gadget was able to successfully raise $550,189 in funding in which its goal was surpassed in nearly 5 hours. The camera had currently hit the pre-order stage, pricing each for $279.00.