Spy on Any Website’s Tech Stack with SiteStacks

Note: SiteStacks is no longer available.

Ever wanted to learn which programming language or CMS powers your favorite website? Well, SiteStacks has you covered with a free search tool for spying on website tech.

There are some other tools that offer similar features like this one for spying on WordPress themes & plugins. But, SiteStacks takes the idea one step further.

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This tool can tell you everything about a site’s management & setup. It goes beyond just server environments to include analytics platforms, social media tools, advertising tech, security, email, eCommerce platforms, and much more.

On the homepage, enter any URL of your favorite website. This can be an eCommerce shop, a blog, a social networking site or anything else. SiteStacks isn’t perfect but it’ll pull a lot of the right tech, without much effort.

On the details page, you’ll get a list of all the technologies running on the site, including third-party libraries and tools. You can see which CMS they’re using (if any), along with hosting companies for the website files and email.

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Each item links to its review page on Siftery which is a user-powered tech review site. This lets you read more about the service to learn who’s using it, what it offers, and if you might want to use it yourself.

Think of SiteStacks more like a spy tool for the web. It’s a great way to see which technologies your competitors are using and how you can best monopolize on those.

However, I did notice a lack of WordPress plugin detection. This would be an awesome feature to add, so users could check out a WP-powered site and also get a list of all active plugins.

But for the price of free, I think SiteStacks offers more than enough. It’s perhaps the best way to start studying how your competitors run their sites and the alternatives for your own site.