Discover Sierra: The Ultimate Dark UI Library Powered by Sass

If you’re overwhelmed by the multitude of frontend frameworks out there, and you’re a fan of Sass, then Sierra is a new and exciting UI framework you should check out.

This framework is fully customizable and built on SCSS code. It offers a wide range of SCSS components and additional libraries, all combined into a single, powerful, and free UI library.

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Sierra framework structure

Sierra is not just another Sass library with a bunch of mixins. It’s a comprehensive UI framework that includes custom styles for grids, typography, tables, buttons, forms, and much more.

Sierra forms design

The entire library is around 34kb uncompressed, which is quite lightweight compared to others like Bootstrap, which is around 115kb uncompressed.

With Sierra, you have complete control over grids, padding, spacing, fonts, colors, and much more. All settings are managed through SCSS, and the library is organized into separate files for easier use.

The framework offers a variety of commonly used frontend elements, such as:

  • Paragraphs and headers
  • Buttons
  • Form inputs (dropdowns, radios, etc.)
  • Tables
  • Pagination
  • Text alignments
  • Custom loading bars

You can preview these elements on the demo page, which features a dark color scheme. Sierra is primarily a dark UI library, but you can easily customize the colors to fit any website style.

The only downside is the limited documentation. Although Sierra is at version 2.0, the main GitHub repository lacks detailed installation and customization guides.

However, you can find all key variables in the _variables.scss file. Modifying these variables will apply changes across all Sierra SCSS files.

While Sierra has room for improvement, it stands out as one of the few Sass-based UI libraries available.

If you’re interested, visit the official website for demos and more information. If you encounter issues, you can ask questions on the GitHub issues page or contact the creator Joan Claret.

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