How to Safely Store Skype Conversations and Calls Online Using Simkl

Note: Simkl is no longer available.

Skype is a popular messaging app and online meeting platform. While it does save your chat history on your computer, you usually need a special file viewer or the Skype app itself to read it.

So, what if you’re away from your computer and want to access your Skype chats? Here’s a solution.

Simkl is a free tool for Windows that allows you to backup your Skype calls and messages. You can store these either on your computer or in Simkl’s cloud storage. This means that even if your computer data is lost, you’ll still have a backup online.

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Here’s How to Get Started:

Initial Setup

First, go to the Simkl website and download the application.

Download button on Simkl website

Next, you’ll be prompted to log in. You can either use your Facebook account or create a new Simkl account.

Simkl registration page

After signing up, you’ll be asked to select the messaging app whose chats you want to save. Also, set your time zone at this stage.

Select Skype and time zone in Simkl

Install the Simkl tool on your computer, launch Skype, and give Simkl permission to access Skype.

Grant Simkl access to Skype

Once set up, you’ll receive a notification whenever your Skype calls are being recorded by Simkl.

Notification that call is being recorded

How to Access Your Recordings

To listen to your recorded calls, right-click on the Simkl icon and select ‘Open folder with call recordings’. All your audio files will be there.

Folder containing recorded calls

For text chats, you can find them either in your Skype app or in Simkl’s cloud storage. To view them online, right-click on the Simkl icon and choose ‘View History Online’.

Remember, Simkl will only save conversations that occur after you’ve started using the service.

View chat history online

On the Simkl website, you can easily find all your Skype contacts on the right side. Click on any contact to see your chat history with them.

View individual chat history

You can also listen to your recorded calls directly on the Simkl website.

Listen to recorded calls online

Simkl runs in the background, so it will automatically record and save your calls and chats as they happen.

Limitations and Costs

Simkl’s cloud storage is free for only the first 7 days. Additionally, Simkl doesn’t support other cloud storage services you may already be using.

If you wish to continue using Simkl, you’ll need to subscribe to a monthly plan, which becomes more affordable the longer you commit.