10 Conversion Services For Designers and Developers

If you are a typical web designer, you naturally leave the coding to someone else, either because you have no choice, or you do not have the time or effort to do the coding yourself. Even web designers who are proficient in coding prefer to have a professional developer do the work to ensure it will be done quickly and accurately.

Finding the right team to do your coding can be a challenge. There are plenty of highly qualified services out there, but if you are fairly new to the game, you might not know quite where to find one that will do excellent work, quickly and affordably.

This is where we can help. We know where the best web developers hang out and we’ve put together this list of 9 services that provide coding services you can rely on. Any service you see in this list will be a good choice, depending on your project requirements.

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PSDgator specializes in theme design and development, PSD conversion to jQuery or WordPress, and E-commerce solutions through WooCommerce. Send them your Photoshop design, and they will quickly convert it to HTML5/CSS3 responsive, cross-browser compatible code. The PSDgator team is small in number, but big in accomplishments.


You can submit your design in any of the more popular formats. They will review it, and get back with you with problems, questions, suggestions or recommendations. If you have an existing website in need of rework, ask about the reslicing and website upgrading services. If you decide to become a regular customer, you will receive a discount each time you submit a new project.

Sketch to HTML by Xfive.co

Sketch to HTML by Xfive.co is an affordable premium service with a team that’s easy to work with. They offer solutions for converting Sketch designs to HTML/CSS/JS pages, or to content management systems such as WordPress. More than simply a conversion that matches a Sketch design to the letter, the final result is fast loading and cross-browser compatible.

sketch to html by xfiveco

The conversion team also discusses any necessary enhancements or potential improvements with the customer. The first thing the dev team will do is go over your specifications, figure out what needs to be done, and give you a free quote. The end product will be covered with a warranty, plus ongoing maintenance that you may need, or assistance with a new project. They work with other formats too such as PSD, INDD, AI, Xfive.


If you insist that your design conversion must only be done by hand-coding, the Chop-Chop team are the hand-coding enthusiasts for your project. This is a great team to do business with. To get started, all you have to do is fill out a simple online form, attach the files you want converted, plus any instructions, and await a reply – which will arrive promptly.


As you are filling out the form, the price for each type of service you want to request is right there in front of you based on a per page or hourly basis. Chop-Chop takes pride in establishing long-term working relationships, so you can expect nothing short of excellent, professional service.

Direct Basing

If you want to hook up with a reliable slicing partner, Direct Basing is just what you are looking for. Freelancers can free up time to take on additional work by having Direct Basing do their slicing, while digital agencies can get the team to convert PSD to HTML5 WordPress, and responsive solutions to speed up the workflow.

direct basing

Their turnaround is quick, but if you can afford to wait an extra day or two, you can receive a discount. Payment is required upfront but the good thing about this is there are no hidden fees.


In 2005, PSD2HTML® was the first business of its kind to offer Photoshop design to HTML conversion services. Their team has a really unmatched level of experience, and the scope of their services is not limited to HTML/CSS. PSD2HTML® can help you with WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, Magento, or Shopify theme implementation.If you want to get an HTML email template coded, they can take care of it, too.


Just send them your designs in any layered format (PSD, AI, PNG or Sketch), they’ll analyze your requirements, and get back to you with a final quote and ETA. The code they deliver is 100% cross-browser compatible, SEO optimized and fast-loading.


htmlBoutique will help you convert your designs into code. You simply need to send your design files and you can enjoy a high-class HTML5/CSS3 website in return. Your pixel-perfect homepage will be completed for you to review in just one business day.

html boutique

The entire conversion process proceeds quite rapidly and everything is transparent, so you always know what you are getting. When all is done, you will be able to review your finished website through preview links. Payment is expected only when you are completely satisfied with the final outcome.


If you have a newsletter design and you don’t want to sweat over table-based HTML email coding, then EmailCraft is just the perfect choice for you. You’ll save yourself from headaches and get your email built by an experienced team of developers. Just send your PSD and you can get the final HTML file the next day. Cool, huh?


The finished product will be compatible with all popular email clients and Android / iOS devices. EmailCraft will ensure your newsletter resizes nicely and works fine in the email marketing service you use (MailChimp, CampaignMonitor, StampReady, etc.). This is absolutely the best choice for your email projects.


If you love WordPress, then you’ll love the PSDtoWP team. These front-end developers are really passionate about WordPress. Just send them your designs and requirements. They’ll look through your specs and get back to you with a fast, free quote. All their coding is SEO semantic, fast-loading, and compatible with all modern browsers.


You’ll get everything you need: Sass extensions, custom fonts and rollovers, blog page, archive page etc. And that’s what they offer by default! The list of features they can build for your WordPress site is almost endless.


Make Netlings your choice for conversion services, and you will receive more than just a website, web app, markup, or emailer that looks great. You will get a finished product that functions perfectly as well. The Netlings philosophy is to let web designers focus on what they do best, website design, and leave the rest up to their hand-coding experts.


During their more than 7 years in the development business, Netlings has provided the benefits of its highly refined, agile, and powerful production system to web designers around the world.


With this list in hand, you needn’t worry about sending your design off to a developer you know little about, and receive substandard results in return. Any one of these services you choose will do what you need done, and do it well. You will get more than your money’s worth, no matter which one you choose.