Free Open Source Reddit User Analysing Tool

The Reddit community is absolutely massive with so much to do and so much content to browse through. But, subreddits aren’t the only interesting part of Reddit.

You can also dig into the userbase that makes Reddit a truly user-powered site. With Reddit User Analyser, you can search any username and get instant results on their comment patterns, their top subreddits, their most commonly used words, and so much more.

Initially, you may think this app serves little purpose. But, it’s an excellent resource for studying who’s posting content and which subreddits they do best using.

Reddit Analyser tool

You can even find the source code on GitHub if you’re willing to dig into it.

The whole thing runs through Reddit’s API and it pulls a lot of data. These are the most notable stats you’ll find:

  • User signup date
  • Total comments + submissions
  • Total user karma
  • Top subreddits
  • Most commonly used words
  • Graphs of user data over time
  • Best & worst voted comments ever

If you’re a big Reddit user then you can learn a lot about your account just by punching it into this tool.

The data graphs and the “Top subreddit” lists are the two most interesting features. You can see how users behave and when they’re most active. This is also great to find out which subreddits people use the most.

As you browse through a user’s account behavior, you might find a couple subs you never knew existed. And, that’s half the fun!

Reddit graphs user comments

I’m also amazed at the quality design of this web app. Not only does it function well and pull some incredible data from Reddit, but it also looks gorgeous. Probably the coolest Reddit app I’ve ever seen!

To try it yourself, just visit the Analyser page and punch in a Reddit username. You may be surprised what you find out.